Great Storage Hacks For The Master Bedroom

Storage Hacks For The Master Bedroom

If you feel that your bedroom looks a little cluttered, this article is for you! We never think about the stuff we accumulate and it doesn’t take long for a room to look ‘busy’. In this short blog, we offer a few bedroom storage hacks that everyone should know.

Storage Beds

You can view the best storage beds Australia has to offer; huge drawers that slide effortlessly open where you can keep spare bedding and that heavy quilt you use in the winter months. A Google search will take you to the website of a leading Australian bedding supplier, where you will find a wide range of storage beds, all at affordable prices.

Floating Shelves

Recesses are perfect for custom shelving and a local handyman can knock these up in a couple of hours; indeed, if you have strange shapes in your bedroom, ask a carpenter to build a cupboard to fit the space and you have ideal storage.

Make Good Use Of The Back Of The Door

Whether you hang your bathrobe or jackets and hats, the back of your bedroom door is a great place for storage. Simply order a few hook sets online, which come with adhesive peel off backs.

Vertical Storage Units

They come in all shapes and sizes; a Google search will help you find the right size vertical storage units with sliding drawers. Choose a colour that blens well and find the right spot for the vertical storage unit.

Revolving Storage Units

Standing about 1 metre in height, these handy storage towers can be used to store make-up, jewellery and anything else that you happen to have in your bedroom. You can place one to one side of your dresser and with many small drawers, there is room for everything.

Wicker Baskets

These are ideal for bedroom storage; you could use one for dirty washing and another can contain fresh towels and bedding.

The Internet hosts a wealth of information to help you with home storage solutions and we hope that the above ideas go some way towards an uncluttered look in your home. Check out your local bedding store and choose a bed with large storage capacity.

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