Got Hot Summer? Go Misting Outside

Got Hot Summer

Nothing makes a backyard less inhabitable than sweltering heat. The whole point of having a backyard or outside area in the first place is to enjoy it. However, when the heat gets so intense, especially in deep summer, the temperature practically drives people back inside, even in the shade. However, there is a solution one can install on the outside of a home which has a tremendous impact on outside air temperature in a matter of seconds.

Understanding The Power Of Moisture

When it comes to addressing cooling down outside, water is an incredible heat sink. It can take hot air and reduce its temperature immediately by tens of degrees. However, high moisture without any moisture is no good, especially for the human body.

High humidity blocks the evaporation process. As a result, the human body which cools itself with evaporation on the skin can’t do its job. This is why the tropics tend to seem so much hotter than being in a dry desert. Humidity blocks cooling. Instead, going inside the air conditioning that removes moisture from the air creates the evaporation effect that’s needed.

Fortunately, however, hot environments with dry air benefit greatly from the introduction of more moisture, which is exactly where a misting system can work wonders in a hot backyard.

Installed from the roof level downward, misting creates an almost aerosolized version of water so that it drops lightly through the air with gravity. The effect creates a layering of moisture on those exposed to it, which in turn evaporates in the dry air and creates the desired cooling effect. It doesn’t matter if the outside air is triple digits, a misting system will create an island of enjoyment for everyone under it.

Commercial Applications

Restaurants with outdoor seating, entertainment venues, sports facilities and more that all involve outdoor areas where people sit or stand for long periods will see a big benefit from misters on hot days. Where these areas can almost become unbearable in the heat, misters allow use of the space again with effective relief. And when that space affected involves revenue generation, misting systems almost end up paying for themselves where people otherwise wouldn’t stay very long getting too hot.

Installation is not very expensive or complex either. In most cases, misting systems involve running small hoses through vantage locations where, when the hoses emit their water under pressure, it gently falls below. The holes in these hoses are extremely tiny. As the water fed from municipal pressure flows through, it creates enough push that the water that comes out of the hose hole is so tiny and so fast, it spreads in tiny droplets. That creates a misting effect below.

Disadvantages Of Misting

Like anything, there are pros and cons of an outdoor misting system too. Of course, no one wants moisture ending up on a regular basis on material that can be easily damaged by it. Paper products, fine linens, light wood and anything that can absorb moisture quickly will be affected by a misting spray and start to show it. So, misting systems are not used indoors, obviously, and they aren’t used over tables or furniture that isn’t sealed properly from moisture damage.

Misting systems also tend to require regular maintenance. If the water in the area has a lot of minerals in it, i.e. hard water, then the tiny holes and system are going to plug up over time. Cleaning regularly with vinegar breaks this down. Connections and hoses exposed to the sun over time can crack and fail too, so eventual replacement of parts can be required.

Overall though, misting systems can be incredibly useful for high heat, dry areas, both for residential use and for commercial attraction and enjoyment. Definitely look into them if you’re in a dry, arid region with high temperature in summer.

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