Get Inspired By Eboy Style

Get Inspired By Eboy Style

Eboy style is a fashion trend and lifestyle that has gained popularity on Tiktok, with influences from goth, semi-emo, skater culture, BDSM and K-Pop. It’s a look that includes oversized clothing and vibrant accessories.

The main colors are black and white, with hints of other brighter hues. You can accessorize with piercings, jewelry, padlock necklaces and a cute beanie or a denim jacket for warmth.

Cuffed Jeans

The most basic element of eboy style is a pair of cuffed black jeans or trousers. Cuffed jeans add a unique look that sets the wearer apart from others and is versatile. The cuffed jeans can be worn in several ways, depending on the footwear and personal preferences.

For example, some eboys prefer to use a single cuff that flips the jeans inward toward the foot. This looks great with smaller boots or shoes and is a great option for a casual outfit. Others prefer to cuff the jeans outward, which can work well with shoes or sneakers. The only caveat to this is that you must use jeans that are slim fit to get the best results from this technique.

Another popular cuff is a double cuff that wraps around the ankles. This looks great with a pair of sneakers and is a good choice for a more formal or business-casual outfit. Some boys also like to add a chain wallet to their outfits, which is a great way to add some extra gothic flair.

Finally, many boys like to add a jacket to their outfits. This is a great way to add warmth to an outfit while keeping the eboy look. Jackets can be found in various styles and colors, so it is important to find one that fits the eboy aesthetic.


Joggers have recently exploded into popularity with the rise of athleisure, and they can be a great way to keep your look stylish, put together, and cool. However, they can also make you look frumpy and untidy if you’re not careful. The key to wearing joggers is finding the right pair for you and understanding how they should fit.

The main difference between joggers and sweatpants is that joggers are fitted at the ankles and often feature elastic ankle cuffs or a drawstring around the waist. They may also be tapered for a more tailored look. They can be made from various materials, including cotton-poly blends and polyester. Joggers can also be made from a more formal material, such as denim or twill, making them more suitable for casual wear at work or school.

Sweatpants are typically more baggy and less form-fitting. They’re also usually not as breathable as joggers and don’t have the same moisture-wicking properties. As such, they’re more appropriate for lounging or exercising at home but not the ideal choice for running or other physical activity.

While both joggers and sweatpants are incredibly comfortable, they’re not interchangeable. It would help to choose a pair of joggers matching your wardrobe and pair them with sneakers or boots. For a dressier application, you can pair them with a blazer, though choosing one that’s not too big or you risk looking sloppy is important.

Long Socks

While socks may seem an afterthought, they can make or break your outfit. You can wear your socks to complement your shoes, add a pop of color, or express your personality. You can choose between several types of socks: tube, crew, and knee-high. You can also experiment with patterns and colors to create a unique look.

A popular choice for winter sports, long socks are made of chunky, cozy yarn. They can be worn scrunched up or pulled straight down the full length of your leg. These socks can be paired with sneakers or boots for a casual, preppy style. They can also be worn with khakis and trousers for a work-appropriate yet fashionable outfit.

When choosing a pair of long socks, it’s important to consider the occasion and your style. Opt for classic black or navy socks if you wear a pair of long socks with your suit for a formal event. You can also try wool socks for a more casual outfit, as they are wrinkle-resistant and keep you warm.

Knee-high socks are a good option for casual outfits such as jeans, your Casual Friday ensemble, or a Saturday afternoon outing. These longer socks sit about 8-9 inches above the ankle and can be worn with boots. These socks are great for showing off a fun pattern or design, and they’re also available in breathable fabrics that keep you cool during hot weather and warm in cold temperatures.

Cool Denim Jacket

If you don’t style your denim jacket properly, it could end up in the abyss of clothing you never wear (aka next to that sweater your mom got you for Christmas). Nailing this look involves pairing like with like, and since you’re going for a more workwear-inspired look, sticking with dark, raw jeans down below is the way to go. Thankfully, this jean jacket from Madewell fits the bill. Its vintage wash and trucker design are perfect, and the fit is ever-so-slightly oversized to accommodate thick T-shirts or a thin sweater underneath.

Another cool option for a denim jacket is black. This will upgrade your outfit and make you look rock n’ roll. It also works with the tonal trend we mentioned earlier.

A denim jacket can even be worn with a pair of tailored trousers. The key here is to stick with a darker denim jacket, such as black, grey or dark indigo. This will ensure your look is smart and casual simultaneously, so it’s the ideal outfit for a night out with friends. Pair it with a nice black roll-neck or crew-neck sweater, and finish the look off with a pair of leather Derby shoes. A denim jacket can also be a good finishing touch to a tee and shorts combo, especially when wearing cropped pants or high-waisted shorts.

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