How To Fix Avast UI Failed To Load?

avast ui failed to load

In this technology world, security is a must feature that safeguards our devices from viruses, spyware, malware, and other harmful unwanted cyber things. And to keep our devices safe, one must have installed anti-virus software on their device.

Avast Antivirus is such software that safeguards our system from harmful cyber-attacks and also provides web protection.  This software is available for Android, iOS, Windows, and mac OS.

Since it is an application so getting a few errors is very common. With the new update, old errors are rectified, and new errors occur. Recently, Avast Antivirus users are getting an error which says: “Avast UI Failed To Load. This is embarrassing. AV Service is not responding.” Error dialog also offers ‘Exit’ and ‘Restart-Service’ options for the users.

If you are facing this problem, this article is perfect for you as we will discuss the solutions for it.

Why Avast UI Failed To load?

There are many reasons for Avast UI failed to load. We have discussed them below:

  • It is possible due to the corruption of the files, or maybe some files are missing. This happens due when the Avast installation is corrupted.
  • Avast uses the Remote Access Services. And the error stated above may happen when these services stopped running on the computer.
  • Interference by the third-party programs in the Avast software also causes the problem.

Solutions To Fix Avast UI Failed To Load Error?

Enable Remote Access Service

  • Press Win key + R together to open the Run box.
  • Type services.msc in the search and enter.
  • Find Remote Desktop Service.
  • Right-Click and then select properties.
  • Make sure the service is running.
  • Click on the Start button and select startup as Automatic.
  • Hit the option OK to save the changes and close the box.
  • Restart your computer and open Avast to check whether it is working properly or not.

Reinstall Avast

If even after the above solution, the problem occurs the same, then the chances are high that your Avast software has some files missing, or maybe some files are corrupted, thus creating a problem to Fix Avast UI Failed to Load. Therefore, you need to uninstall the Avast software, restart your system, and reinstall the correct version of Avast software in your system. After the software is installed again, restart your system and check whether the software is working fine or not.

Repair The Software

Before uninstalling and reinstalling the software, you can also repair the software first. Here are the steps you need to take to repair the Avast software:

  • Visit Control Panel and then click on the Settings.
  • Click on Programs and then click on Programs and Features.
  • Find Avast and click on it, and then hit the Uninstall/change button.
  • Click on the change button, and there you will see the Repair option.
  • Click on it and wait for the Avast software to make the necessary changes and repair it.
  • After the repair is over, restart your system.


I hope our article will be very helpful to you and will solve the problem. And also the Avast Software has officially solved the problem of “Fix Avast UI Failed to Load” in their latest versions.

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