Five Things New CNC Machine Operator Must Know

Five Things New CNC Machine Operator Must Know

CNC machine is a new technology cutting and manufacturing machine that works automatically by computer. It is currently being used in many factories and organizations to make it work more accurately. It is a complex machine and its maintenance is just as complex. For this, you will need a skilled and experienced operator.

What do you need to know if you are a new operator? Many owners cannot afford to have a good operator. That’s why it hires new operators. In that case, you need to check if the operator knows everything. There are 5 things that every operator needs to know. Let’s get started.

5 Useful Things Need To Know As New Operator

If you want to operate something, you need to have enough knowledge about it. Operating a CNC router is not an easy task. The following is a detailed discussion of some of the things that an operator needs to know:

1. Shop Safety

The operator controls the security of the entire CNC router. He needs to be aware of the safety features. Workers who work with CNC routers have to tell the operator all the restrictions. He has to know all the issues of the organization and he has to operate the work accordingly. If he fails to do so, there is a possibility of an accident that could lead to death. CNC routers are available in a variety of forms, the most complex of which is the EXTECH laser cutting machine. If it is not operated properly, the whole organization is likely to suffer.

2. Shop Math

The new operator must be proficient in all tasks as well as in mathematics. Mathematical calculations are most common when working on machines. The operator can solve this issue. If the cutting is more or less, the whole product is confiscated. He must know about good and bad quality. Need to know CNC’s tolerant and average man determination. The upper limit, the lower limit, the lower limit, some of the limits need to find the correct mathematical calculation. Otherwise, it will disrupt the production of the company’s products. For this, he has to be mathematically skilled.

3. Blueprint Reading

The new operator must have an idea about the blueprint. Explain how to describe engineering with 2D and 3D with CNC machines. This will allow you to know the orthographic projection of the product, the division, the centre, the hidden, etc., and the visible things. So, the operator needs to look at the blueprint and judge the size of the workpiece attribute.

4. Measuring Devices

The primary education of the operator includes how to operate the measuring instrument of the CNC machine. It is possible to find out the exact average value by calculating by hand but it is never accurate from the calculation of the tool. If you know the use of the CNC tool, you will be able to do many fine calculations. In this way, there is no mistake in the cutting and manufacturing of the product and the quality of the product remains the same. So if you want to be a skilled and reliable operator, there is no alternative but to know the use of measuring tools.

5. Tolerance Interpretation

The new operator must know about the measurement of the workpiece attribute as it is cut to the stand. Dimensional tolerance must be understood and it can be determined in three steps such as 1) plus or minus a value, 2) upper and lower limits and 3) plus a value and minus. Focus on the company’s approach and set a tolerable average by setting highs and lows. Failure to pay the correct price will hinder the outcome of the expected product which will be detrimental to the company. So, you have to be proficient in both machine and math. You have to know the problem and also how to fix it if you want to fix it properly


The company has to hire an operator to operate the CNC machine. Who has to be skilled and specialist? In the case of a new operator, the above issues have to be looked into, and only after passing 5 issues, he has to be appointed as an operator. Otherwise, it could be a loss for your company.

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