Five Reasons To Use A Professional Cleaning Service For Schools

Professional Cleaning Service For Schools

The average school in Australia is an extremely busy environment.

Classrooms, common areas, kitchens, toilets, all need to be cleaned on a daily basis multiple times if the school is to be kept hygienically clean throughout the term. Bacteria breeds everywhere – on desks, on tables, playgrounds, cafeterias, in hallways, and in bathrooms.

Teachers and students spend around eight hours a day just in classrooms alone. Infections can spread quickly in an unclean environment so there is a need to keep all learning environments clean throughout the day.

While some schools have an in-house cleaning team in Sydney, institutions often outsource to a school cleaning services Sydney.

What are the benefits of using a cleaning service for large institutions like schools?

Deep Clean & Professional Service

Professional cleaning services will use the most competent staff equipped with modern cleaning technology. Cleaning services work to their utmost level knowing that their contracts could be terminated if the services provided are substandard. When you have a professional cleaning staff onboard you can rest assured that they will clean the school to the highest standards.

Cleaner Learning Environment

A cleaner school equals a productive learning environment for teachers and students alike. Parents expect and demand a healthy and hygienic environment for their children to learn in. Parents of potential students will have their minds put to rest if they encounter a spotless environment during visitations on open days.

Less Absences

Teachers interact with many students each day in an environment where germs are easily spread. The cleaner the school the less likely teachers are to take sick leave. In other occupations employee sick leave is usually manageable. With schools, a teacher’s classes need to be covered leading to logistical headaches and interruptions to student timetables.

Legal Liability

In the advent of student sickness as a direct result of inadequate cleaning services most schools would rather have an outsourced professional cleaning company shoulder the responsibility than the issue falls 100% on their own liability. Legally this could offer some flexibility, and some insurance companies may make it a requirement for a school to have a professional cleaning service oversee hygiene.

Student Responsibility & Etiquette

If educators are to teach students to keep their living areas clean and tidy and organize their own living spaces we need to teach responsibility and student etiquette. The school should demonstrate by example and keep a clean environment as an example for them to work and study in. Teaching healthy living habits should be part of Australian education. There has been a movement in Australia to provide healthier foods and lower waste packaging. Teaching students how to keep a cleaner environment by example is crucial, and students should be encouraged to wipe their working spaces clean with alcohol-based sanitiser before the end of class.

In conclusion, a professional cleaning service should be high on the list of a school’s priorities. Not only to help deep clean the entire school during term breaks but to provide regular service during term-time.

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