Factors To Consider Before Hiring A Real Estate Photography Expert

Hiring A Real Estate Photography Expert

Aside from pricing, attention to detail is one of the most important factors to consider before hiring a real estate photographer. Even the most minute changes can bring additional nuance and beauty to the final picture. For example, most professionals like the Real Estate Photographers Denver know the importance of staging the house properly before the photoshoot. Staging includes de-cluttering and cleaning the house, keeping unsightly items and parking lots, and angling the camera.

Taking Pictures Of The Property In Its Entirety

Pictures of the entire property are necessary, as real estate businesses tend to turn over properties quickly. A generic property image can be used if similar properties are available within a hundred miles. Real estate photographers should take pictures of the property from all angles. This will give potential buyers an idea of the house’s overall condition.

Creating A Cohesive Theme

Creating a cohesive theme for real estate photographs is easy but not always easy. Whether photographers are working with print materials, websites, or a portfolio, consistency will go a long way. For best results, stick to a basic design hierarchy, and keep the photos consistent. Photographers should avoid getting clients confused when seeing the same image in three different places. A simple rule of thumb is to separate visual elements according to their importance.

Besides being able to adapt to different situations, photographers should be able to infuse projects with character, a fresh approach, and a unique perspective. For example, when shooting real estate properties, try to let the property guide the photos; if one will try to stick to a standard theme, it might end up with similar images.

Using A Flash Trigger

Using a flash trigger for real estate photos is a great way to avoid camera shaking, as natural light is not always enough. The hallways and other dark areas of a real estate property will require to use a flash. Using a flash trigger allows the photographer to place the moment in the right location and trigger it remotely. He/she can set a guide number on the flash to control the power. Using a flash trigger for real estate photos will also ensure that the pictures have the best possible lighting. This technique is also beneficial when shooting property in dim light. The camera’s slow shutter speed allows to capture the best possible details but can also result in blurred images. Using a remote trigger will minimize the chance of a camera shake. By preventing camera shakes, a photographer will be able to take a higher-quality picture that will be more pleasing to the eye.

Post-Production & Editing

There are many aspects of post-production and editing in real estate photography. There are different rules for different platforms. Depending on the size of the image, photographers can also use other tools to crop, sharpen, and fix other problems with the idea.

After shooting the images, it is essential to edit the pictures. After capturing a property, it’s important to check for flaws in the photographs. Lens flares and dust spots are common blemishes. Avoid having the camera reflect too much light. If possible, position the camera behind a wall. Post-production allows the photographer to remove or retouch these flaws.


The pricing of real estate photography services can be tricky. Too low or too high, and a photographer might lose a business. Too high, and it will be a competition with more experienced photographers. Experience can also play a role in how much a photographer charges. A new photographer will make less than a highly rated photographer. Here are some tips on pricing real estate photography services. It may sound simple, but it can be tricky. It is not unusual for real estate photographers to have different packages on their websites. It is best to remember that real estate photography clients want value for their money. Therefore, those who charge by the hour may seem to be milking their clients.

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