Exploring The Best Outdoor Attractions In Pennsylvania

Outdoor Attractions In Pennsylvania

Despite its historical significance, Pennsylvania is not on most people’s travel bucket list. That’s a shame considering how much there is to see here. In addition to historical landmarks, Pennsylvania has beautiful countryside.

For nature lovers, Pennsylvania is a wonderful destination. It’s the perfect destination for families, couples, and solo travelers. No matter your reasons for traveling to Pennsylvania, you won’t run out of things to do.

To give you some ideas for your trip, here are some outdoor attractions you should put on your list.

1. Amish Area

It’s not every day that you see a horse and buggy heading down the road.

That is, of course, unless you are visiting the Pennsylvania Amish country. Here, horse and buggies are an everyday sighting.

The traffic might be a bit slower, but you won’t mind. You’ll feel like you’ve stepped back in time to another century. Nowhere is America more authentic than in Amish country.

Because the Amish don’t use technology, the landscape here is fairly well-preserved. The homes are old-fashioned, and there’s plenty of farmland.

This is a perfect area for strolling around. Park your car and get around the Amish way by foot. Or, if you’re up to it, in a carriage.

If you have time, stop for lunch or spend the night. You won’t forget the rustic, homecooked meal that you’ll have here.

2. Wine Country

Another great place for food is the Pennsylvania wine country.

Pennsylvania doesn’t exactly scream Napa Valley, but that’s the appeal. There aren’t crowds of tourists. The prices aren’t that bad, either.

If you want to try something new and something different from wine, head to a dispensary. In addition to its boutique wine industry, Pennsylvania has a small but thriving cannabis industry.

Here’s some information about the legal status of cannabis in Pennsylvania. As always, you should inform yourself of the local legislation before consuming cannabis.

For the most part, recreational use is not allowed in Pennsylvania. But in most of the cities, recreational use has been decriminalized. Medical use is allowed.

Considering how popular wine tourism has become, it isn’t surprising that marijuana related tourism is on the rise. The farmland in Pennsylvania is perfect for both.

For the best experience, stay in a locally owned bed and breakfast. These charming houses make for a memorable getaway.

3. Fallingwater

Technically speaking, Fallingwater might not be an outdoor getaway.

Otherwise known as the Frank Lloyd Wright House, Fallingwater is one of the most important architectural pieces of the twentieth century.

Located in the woods, Fallingwater was designed to be perfectly integrated into its natural surroundings. This makes it an ideal destination for nature and architecture lovers.

Once privately owned, the house now operates as a museum. Here you can learn about Frank Lloyd Wright and his work.

It’s a bit of a drive, but it’s a great getaway from the big cities. It’s also a great place to snap some photos or get a souvenir.

4. Elk Area

You’re probably surprised to learn that there’s elk in Pennsylvania.

But the Pennsylvanian outdoors is very diverse. Here’s a list with information on Elk County and some other interesting outdoor destinations.

In Elk County, it’s not uncommon to see elk gathered on the side of the road. Elk are known for living in large herds.

The best time for elk watching is September through October. This is also the best time to listen for elk bugling. During the mating season, elk make loud bugling calls to attract mates or ward off competitors.

You can hear the sound from miles away.

5. Gettysburg

History lovers have to stop by Gettysburg.

This town is the site of the famous Civil War battle. It’s also where Abraham Lincoln delivered the famous Gettysburg address.

If you’re interested in experiencing history, try to visit when there’s a battle reenactment happening. Or if you don’t want the crowds, go when there’s nothing going on and enjoy the battle site on your own.

The town is worth a visit, too. It’s a great place to do some souvenir shopping.


If you haven’t already visited Pennsylvania, it should be on your list. It will certainly be a trip that you won’t forget.

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