Energy Wastages Caused By Inefficient Air Ducts

Energy Wastages Caused By Inefficient Air Ducts​

Your central HVAC system works hard to provide your desired comfort levels. While it might function optimally, it can waste a lot of energy due to ineffective air ducts. According to Energy Star, the typical duct systems lose 10% to 30% of their heating and cooling energy.

The consequences of these wastages are inflated monthly utility bills that strain your finances. But what are these common inefficiencies, and how can you address them? Keep reading to find out.

Leaking Ducts

If you notice a sharp increase in your energy bills, yet you’ve not added any electronics in your house, the problem could be leaking ducts. The ductwork consists of pipes that move air from the HVAC system to every room in your home. The connection may become loose and develop gaps that start leaking the conditioner air.

They can also have cracks due to various reasons, such as getting hit during renovations. Even pets can cause damage if they chew or scratch the ducts. Whatever the cause, the leakage will heavily dent your energy usage. It forces the HVAC to overwork to achieve your set temperatures, which uses more energy.

Even a 20% loss of energy can have massive consequences over time. If you suspect your ductwork has holes and cracks that leak conditioned air, contact an air duct repair and sealing services provider.

Improper Sizing Of Air Ducts

Sometimes, air duct energy wastage comes from improper sizing of air ducts. Unfortunately, an inexperienced HVAC installer may overestimate or underestimate the ductwork size your HVAC system needs. If they are too small, they will restrict air flow, leading to a loss of energy.

On the other hand, oversized air ducts cause uneven distribution of conditioned air, which leads to cold and hot spots in your home. Unfortunately, this inefficiency causes energy loss and is expensive to correct.

You can avoid this whole issue by hiring a qualified contractor. However, if it has already happened, you must replace the entire ductwork system. Ensure you have a professional technician with years of experience.

Poor Insulation

Poor insulation is another inefficient air duct factor contributing to higher energy bills and loss of energy. These duct pipes must have insulation to prevent energy loss before the air reaches the intended room. However, this insulation does not last forever; you must replace it eventually. When it comes off, you will notice an increase in energy bills.

Trying to insulate it yourself may also cause problems. Insulating air ducts is not a do-it-yourself (DIY) kind of project. It needs professionals with experience and the right tools. You can prevent such losses by scheduling regular maintenance of your HVAC system.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recommends HVAC maintenance at least once per year. While the air duct doesn’t have to be cleaned every year, a professional can inspect insulation during these yearly visits.

Poor Installation

Poor installation may cause air duct inefficiencies that can waste a lot of energy. For example, an underqualified installer may fail to seal the grill and registers properly, leading to the escape of conditioned air. The air will fail to flow directly from the ductwork into the space you want to heat or cool.

The result is that your HVAC system will take longer and consume more energy, trying to compensate for the loss. While this problem only needs proper sealing, it will significantly affect your utility bills if it goes unnoticed for months.

Damaged Flexible Air Ducts

If you use flexible ductwork, remember that they are prone to damage. These ducts are lightweight and relatively easy to install and twist. However, their most significant advantage is also their Achilles’ heel.

The flexibility makes it susceptible to damage, especially by mice, raccoons, and rats. It develops holes that leak conditioned air and subsequently cause loss of energy. Regular maintenance can help identify possible damage quickly and repair it before it costs too much.


HVAC systems already use a lot of energy, and having even a tiny bit of loss will result in expensive energy usage. You need a qualified HVAC technician to prevent this problem from costing you more. Contact TRUST TIGER for air duct installation, maintenance services, and repairs.

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