Easy Ways To Save On Your Water Heating Bill

Save Water Heating Bill

The importance of having a well-functioning water heater, especially during the cold season, cannot be overstated. Most households in the U.S. rely on their water heaters for hot water to use for drinking, cooking, bathing, and washing during fall and winter.

The Department of Energy says water heating accounts for 18 percent of a household’s total energy costs. But with freezing temperatures during the cold season, you can expect your water heater bill to go up even higher. To reduce your water heating costs and save money, follow these helpful tips below:

Set Your Water Heater Thermostat At A Lower Temperature

Before running your water heater, make sure to set your thermostat first. Experts recommend turning down your water heater tank by about 20 degrees to save 6 to 10 percent in energy costs. If you’re planning to go on vacation for a few days or weeks, it would be ideal to turn down your thermostat to the lowest setting or completely turn off your water heater.

Do Not Forget To Add Insulation To Your Water Heater Tank

If you have a traditional water heater tank at home, insulating the tank and hot water pipes can prevent standby heat loss that wastes a lot of energy. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when adding insulation to your water heater system or ask for the help of a qualified technician.

Use Cold Water For Some Household Tasks

Cut your hot water use at home by using cold water for most of your laundry loads and for basic grooming like brushing teeth and washing hands.

Consider Replacing Your Old Water Heater

Old water heaters tend to work less efficiently while consuming more energy than they should. If your water heater is already 10 to 15 years old or over, it is high time to get a new replacement.

Talk to your trusted local plumber regarding your plan to replace your water heater. Professionals can help you select the best water heater type to install in your home. Contact a reputable plumbing company in your local area now!

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