Don’t Leave Fido! How To Bring Your Four-Legged Friend On Vacation With You

Four-Legged Friend On Vacation

If you’re a dog owner, the last thing you want to do is leave your beloved pup behind when you go on vacation. The good news is that traveling with dogs is easier than ever before, and with a little planning, you can take a holiday that’s just as enjoyable for your furry friend as it is for you. Keep reading for some top tips.

Have A Health Check First

It’s a good idea to book a visit to the vet before taking your dog on vacation, especially if you’re going to be away for a while. This will ensure that they’re in full health and unlikely to run into any issues during your trip. If you’re planning to travel to a different country, you may also need to get a vaccination record or health certificate for them. You should also make sure that you have the contact details for a vet in your destination, just in case, and consider having your dog microchipped if they’re not already.

Take A Doggy Road Trip

In general, it is much easier to travel with a pup by car than by plane. Road trips mean that your dog can have more space to relax during the journey, plus you can stop whenever you want for a walk or bathroom break. Bear in mind that dogs can get carsick just like humans can, so they should travel on an empty stomach as this reduces the risk of nausea and vomiting. Lastly, make sure to never leave your furry companion alone in a hot or cold vehicle.

Hire A Dog-Friendly Motorhome

One of the most enjoyable ways to vacation with your pup is to rent a camper van or motorhome that allows dogs. You can search online using a site such as for a pet-friendly van, and then drive it to a location with lots of great spots for dog walks. New places can be stressful for animals, so be sure to bring a comfy bed that smells of home as well as their favorite toy. If you’d prefer to stay in a hotel or Airbnb, make sure you choose one that is explicitly happy to have doggy guests.

Make A Packing Checklist

Whenever you go traveling with your pet, it’s a good idea to make a detailed list in advance of everything you need to bring with you. That way you can be confident you haven’t forgotten anything important. The sort of items you’ll need include:

  • Food and a bowl
  • Treats
  • Water bowl
  • Lead or harness
  • Toys (for out on walks and in the accommodation)
  • Bed and blanket
  • Jacket
  • Poop bags
  • Any medication your dog takes

Find Venues That Welcome Pups

As well as finding a dog-friendly place to stay, you need to think about activities you can do with your pup once you arrive at your destination. Take some time to look up pubs, cafes, and restaurants in the local area that are happy to have dogs on the premises, as well as some good parks, beaches, forests, or mountains where you can go for walks with your pup.

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