Does CBD Reflect Any Withdrawal Symptoms?

CBD withdrawal symptoms

Cannabidiol is extracted from the cannabis plant or hemp plant. Due to its low level of THC, it has been used to treat various health issues. Usually, it’s nearly impossible to get high with CBD or experience any withdrawal symptoms or side effects with it. However, even if a person gets addicted to CBD intentionally or unintentionally, they will experience mild withdrawal symptoms once they decide to quit the dosage. Thankfully, these CBD withdrawal symptoms will be minor compared to the withdrawal symptoms caused by any drug-like substance. Still, it will not be easy for a chronic cannabis user to control the CBD intake. In fact, the process is similar to a dedicated coffee drinker trying to curb its intake.

But what makes any substance so addictive? THC level. It is another important compound that is present in the cannabis plant. It is well known for its psychoactive elements, which make you feel like being high. Marijuana is a popular source of THC, which can be derived from the marijuana plant. Sometimes genuine CBD products also contain THC but in a lesser amount, usually its less than 0.03. However, a dishonest CBD product can be synthetic in nature as well as chances are high for having a higher amount of THC in the product, incredibly high.

Withdrawal Symptoms

Generally, an individual will start experiencing these symptoms within two days of stopping the consumption of the tablets or drops. However, these symptoms are likely to stay persistent for nearly four weeks of self-control.

Remember, people who are not regular users of cannabis or CBD products will not encounter any withdrawal symptoms whenever they decide to quit the dosage. However, below, we have mentioned a few withdrawal symptoms one can experience while detaching them from the regular CBD oil capsules or drops.

  • Insomnia and sleeplessness, it is considered as a sleep disorder, when an individual loses his sleep cycle and experiences irritability, mood swings and depressed mood is said to be suffering from insomnia.
  • Anxiety, sweating, weakness, and restlessness can be seen in the body as withdrawal symptoms.
  • When you try to avoid the addictive substance, you usually feel more pull towards it. Likewise, if you are curbing your CBD intakes, you will have the craving to resume your cannabis or CBD usage.
  • Another symptom is Dysphoria, which is categorized as the feeling of discomfort and uneasiness.

You may experience stomach pain or nausea as well. This is because when our body requires a specific substance that we are consuming daily, the body feels the need for it and creates the urge to resume the product as soon as possible. The repeated process of this behaviour is called addiction.


As such, there are no major symptoms that can give you long-term effects, but the combination of all these symptoms can likely occur in approximately 75% of cases of dope users. Remember that CBD or CBD products are not approved by FDA. Hence you can never completely trust its authenticity. However, it will only depend upon the quantity of THC present in your CBD or cannabis product. Fortunately, you can easily reduce symptoms by making potential and necessary lifestyle changes or any medicines. We recommend you to stay occupied in engaging or interesting activities and stay more focused on positivity.

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