Different Types Of Road Traffic Equipment

Different Types Of Road Traffic Equipment

You might wonder what the difference is between the Different Types of Road Traffic Equipment. First, you should know that each type of traffic safety equipment has different purposes. Traffic safety equipment helps control traffic flow by providing physical and visible barriers. These barriers can help direct highway traffic in an accident and can also be used to mark curves, medians, and parking lots. In addition, they provide a barrier to traffic within these areas so that people can safely move between the parked cars and those waiting to leave the parking lot.

Cone Bars

The different kinds of cone bars are designed to suit a specific use. They can be used in parking lots, emergencies, and other areas where pedestrians must be notified of potentially dangerous conditions. Compared to warning tapes, these cones are reusable and come in various color combinations. Cone bars are small and large sizes and feature engineer-grade reflective sheeting for maximum visibility. Cone bars have a two-sided signaling sign that indicates SLOW and stops. You can choose from various sizes and styles, including 12″ handheld or 72″ metal handles.

The most common types of cones are the yellow, red, and orange ones. They are the brightest of the three main types. The reflective stripes on these cones help them stand out in low-light environments, while rotating lights help drivers see them. In addition, these cones are easily identifiable even from a distance. So whether you need traffic cones for pedestrian safety or hazard marking, you’ll find the right cones for your needs.


When separating traffic lanes, there are different types of road traffic equipment. Drums can be used in various scenarios, from road construction sites to busy city streets. For example, an Intelligent Drum Line (IDL) traffic control device uses electronic sensors to detect and warn speeding drivers. This equipment also features audiovisual cues, which can be triggered by passing vehicles. These devices are made up of two modified traffic drums. The first drum has sensors to detect vehicles, measure distance, and communicate that information to the second drum.

Cones and drums can be used to mark hazards and demarcate work areas. Additionally, they can be used as Road Signs Washington to direct traffic. They are ideal for highways and freeways, and their reflective materials help drivers identify them quickly at night. When choosing a traffic control device, it is best to hire a professional to assist you in selecting the right one for the situation. Familiarizing yourself with the different types of road traffic equipment to rent is also good.

Delineator Tubes

Traffic delineator tubes are made of a urethane material that provides excellent visibility and durability. They are inexpensive and practical tools for road traffic control. They guide drivers through construction zones, blocked roads, and pedestrian crossings. They work wonders on confusing roads and blind curves. And with their recessed bands, they won’t tear or scratch. They also require no tools to assemble.

Several types of delineator tubes are available. Some of these are ground-mounted, while others are suspended from overhead. Flexible delineator posts have multiple uses, including limiting damage to vehicles. Reflective collars come in diamond grade reflectivity and standard high-performance reflectivity. You can buy delineator tubes made from various materials to suit your needs.

Reflective Traffic Barrels

Reflective traffic barrels are similar to traffic cones but have a broad base and reflectors for visibility. They have handles to make carrying them more accessible. Some come with rubber-weighted bases and can be placed in high-traffic areas. These barrels can be stacked for ease of storage. You can purchase traffic barrels with multiple bases if you need many of them.

These barrels have a bright orange color with white stripes and a solid rubber base to prevent tipping. They help guide motorists and support pedestrian traffic control strategies. In addition, they can be used alone or in conjunction with other road traffic equipment, such as ADA traffic barriers and various water-filled barricades. This equipment is helpful for multiple applications and can be a cost-effective way to control traffic on the road.

Rumble Strips

Rumble strips have been used for decades to reduce speeding in various settings. Nevertheless, some studies indicate that even with rumble strips, the average speed was still higher than fifty kilometers per hour. This might adversely affect road safety, mainly if excessive speeding occurs in highway settlements. Rumble strips are a practical solution to this problem. The current study shows that rumble strips reduce speeding, especially in urban areas with high vehicle traffic levels.

These pavement markings are sometimes covered by snow, which reduces their effectiveness. In addition, snow plow operators expressed concerns about the wear and tear on the equipment when rumble strips are used during the winter months. However, rumble strips are still effective in the winter, as they generate noise and vibration. The noise will notify a vehicle that has driven past a rumble strip. The snow removal agent can also clear the road of snow and lose rock salt.

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