Cooking Utensils: A Beginner’s Guide To Kitchen Tools

Cooking Utensils

Kitchen gadgets always come out, but even novice cooks should start with some basic tools. Here are our top picks for essential cooking utensils. Look for a set that includes a spatula, spoon, and ladle.


They’re like an extra set of invincible hands, perfect for flipping meat on the grill or reaching into a pot of pinching lobster claws. Stainless steel tongs are durable and ideal for buffet service, catered events, and holding delicate foods like garnishes, sliced fruit, and cheese cubes. Plastic-tipped tongs, on the other hand, can melt and introduce harmful chemicals into your food. They’re also less stable than stainless steel, and can crack or harbor bacteria. While an equipped kitchen is necessary, it’s possible to start cooking with only the basics. Getting the right tools can make your time in the kitchen a breeze and ensure a tasty meal for everyone. Try out LoTech Sales personalized cooking utensils and see how they improve your kitchen experience.

Measuring Cups

Precise measurements are crucial to getting the best results from any recipe. It’s true for baking. A set of dry and liquid measuring cups will help ensure that all your ingredients are measured accurately. These utensils are available in several materials to match your kitchen decor. Stainless steel is modern and sleek, while ceramic or glass adds a natural touch to any kitchen. Some sets also come with a metal ring that holds the measuring cups together so they won’t stay visible in your drawer. Other options include plastic, which can be transparent to allow ingredient levels to be seen, or silicone, which resists cracking and won’t leach chemicals into food.

Wooden Spoons

Wooden spoons are a classic kitchen tool for their versatility and durability. They are not as reactive to acidic foods as metal utensils; they won’t scorch pots and bowls or quickly heat up to scalding temperatures. They also don’t leach chemicals or strange tastes into hot foods, as plastic can sometimes do. Whether you’re a home chef who rivals Gordon Ramsey or use your kitchen to feed yourself and others, every home should have at least one set of wooden spoons tucked away in a drawer. Just make sure to sanitize them regularly to avoid contamination and bacteria growth. It’s a simple process, but it’s essential.


While sleek new gadgets are constantly coming out on the market, it’s best to stick with a small collection of essential kitchen tools. With a smartly curated set, you’ll be able to cook anything! An unusual tool called a zester lets you peel citrus fruits like lemons and limes without getting to the bitter white pith. It’s also useful for grating cheese or making chocolate shavings. Look for a zester with a long, narrow stainless steel blade, and olivewood handles that are durable and easy to hold. Some models are even dishwasher-safe. It is a must-have for anyone who loves cooking!


A blender or liquidizer (a food processor) is an essential kitchen tool for creating smoothies, dips, soups, and dressings. It’s the best way to get a lot done quickly and reduce the need for hand mixing, chopping, and blending with more rudimentary tools. A sturdy spatula is one of the most helpful kitchen tools, whether serving baked salmon, roasted vegetables, or flipping eggs over quickly. Look for a high-heat version that can handle hot pans or a silicone design that won’t scratch your cookware. A salad spinner makes a great addition to your kitchen because nothing ruins a salad like wet lettuce. It can also spin pasta, vegetables, or even boiled potatoes.


A whisk is an essential kitchen utensil. It helps to combine ingredients and aerate mixtures. Whisks are available in different shapes and sizes to accomplish specific tasks. For example, a spiral whisk’s rounded shape allows it to reach into bowls and pots, whereas a balloon-shaped whisk would be too bulky. It is also perfect for mixing liquid-based ingredients as it prevents clumping.

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