Chiropractic Care Benefits State Workers

Chiropractic Care Benefits

The 1990s were a time of rapid growth in healthcare costs in the US This spike strained workers’ compensation systems. Multiple studies indicated that chiropractic care represented a large part of workers’ compensation healthcare spending. This led to skepticism about chiropractic care and policy reform in some states.

Reduces Disability Claims

According to a recent study, chiropractic services for state workers reduce disability claims by up to 25 percent. The study examined workers who received physical medicine treatments from a chiropractor or a combination of chiropractic and non-chiropractic providers. The authors found lower back pain claims involving chiropractic care were more affordable and lasted shorter than those involving non-chiropractic care. This finding is particularly compelling given that more states must allow employees to choose their providers.

The workers’ compensation system presents many opportunities for optimal chiropractic care utilization. In cases of occupational injuries, patients can work with a nurse case manager or claims examiner, both of whom are trained in navigating complex cases. These professionals can help the patient navigate the complex system of care, coordinate care with other medical practitioners, and reduce medical costs. Chiropractic treatment is a low-cost and low-risk alternative to traditional medical care.

Reduces Health Care Costs

A recent agreement between state workers and their unions will significantly reduce healthcare premiums. The deal reduces a double-digit increase to one that’s under inflation.

The deal is expected to save the state $200 million over three years. It will be administered by the largest health insurer in the state. It will assemble a network of providers and oversee the claims process. The company will ensure that state workers receive high-quality, lower-cost care.

State health policy commissions should play a central role in supporting these efforts. State governments are faced with the difficult challenge of balancing their budgets, and the more money they spend on health care, the less money they have for other priorities. Increasing health care spending also means higher premiums and out-of-pocket costs for constituents.

Boosts The Immune System

Chiropractic care is a natural way to support the immune system. Regular chiropractic exams will improve the immune system by reducing stress hormones and improving the mobility and function of the spine. The treatments will also help the lymphatic system function better, which removes toxins and brings oxygenated blood to organs.

Many state workers suffer from low immunity, which leads to various health problems, including allergies, asthma, diabetes, colds, flu, and certain forms of cancer. A strong immune system can prevent disease and fight pre-existing conditions. Chiropractic care can boost immunity by strengthening the spinal bones and nerves that surround the spinal cord.

The immune system is influenced by the nervous system, endocrine system, and autonomic nervous system. Chiropractic adjustments increase levels of these three systems by improving movement in the spinal bones, which protect the spinal cord. In addition, stress leads to altered immune function and increased susceptibility to disease.

Reduces Claim Costs

According to a new study, chiropractic care can lower the costs of state workers’ compensation claims. More specifically, chiropractic care can reduce claim costs by as much as 47%. The study showed that the costs of chiropractic care are much lower than other forms of physical medicine. Further, the claim duration of chiropractic care is much shorter.

In an analysis of workers’ compensation costs, chiropractic care accounted for 12.5 percent of medical fees and 6.9 percent of total claims costs.

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