Charlotte Mint Gold Coins

Charlotte Mint Gold Coins

Several minor mints in the US have historically produced some of the most interesting and valuable coinage of interest to collectors and investors. Most of these mints no longer operate. One of these is the Charlotte, North Carolina mint. It struck gold coins from 1838 until 1861. Many Charlotte-minted coins are rare and can make excellent investments. You can obtain them when looking for rare coins Houston TX.

The Charlotte Mint

In the early 1800s, gold was discovered in North Carolina. The main US mint at the time was in Philadelphia, a long distance away. A new mint was erected in Charlotte to handle the gold being produced by miners.

The Charlotte Mint produced its first coins in March 1838. Only gold coins were minted there. Silver coins were never struck. The mintmark “C” appears on the obverse next to the date of the coin.

During its brief history leading up to the Civil War, The Charlotte mint produced slightly over 1.2 million gold coins during its course of operation. In 1861, it was taken over by the Confederacy during the last year of its active operations.

Collector SIgnificance

Because of their beauty, scarcity, and historical significance, all coins minted by the Charlotte mint are in high demand. They are much sought after by coin collectors, museums, and investors. The relative scarcity of many of these coins means that they can command high prices

Charlotte Mint coins have several peculiarities, which add to their intrigue and numismatic attractiveness. Many of the coins were struck with inferior dies and planchets, so some of these coins were minted with poor strikes or other imperfections. For investors and collectors, this only adds to their intrigue.

Additionally, many Charlotte gold coins have a greenish tone to their golden color. This is caused by a relatively high silver content in the gold produced from the North Carolina mines.

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