Changing The Feel Of Your Home: The Top Tips You Should Follow

Changing The Feel Of Your Home

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Do you feel like your home could use a refresh? If so, you need to think about some of the changes you can make. Changing the atmosphere of your home means you should focus on how your senses respond. Hearing and taste might be a bit difficult, so let’s focus on sight, touch, and smell, and how changing your interpretation of them in your home could change its feeling altogether.


Are you bored when you step through your front door? If your rooms are not visually stimulating, you can quickly become tired of them, and they will feel very unfulfilling. Now, this does not mean that you should throw every print and pattern that you can find at your home. Unless you are genuinely drawn to the concept of maximalism, you need to think about what you want to put here carefully.

Firstly, choose colours that you find pleasing. If you want a black bedroom – go for it! It can create a den-like vibe that is calm and relaxing. Likewise, a bright orange or red in the kitchen can be perfect for this lively and active space.

When choosing artwork and other additions, make sure that you spread them around the room so your eye is drawn point by point to a final piece. Being able to direct the eye in this way is a trick that many interior designers use. Bring it into your home, and notice how much more pleasing on the eye your rooms become!


Humans are very tactile creatures, and we like to make sure that our homes feel nice. This might not have been a concept that you have thought about before, but it could really help you to revitalise your rooms and make them feel a little better.

Let’s take your floors for example. Choosing flooring that feels good underfoot will help to brighten your mood in a way that you might not have noticed before. Wood and laminate are often two types of flooring that people like the most underfoot – and you can even add underfloor heating under them to make them even better. With so many options available at flooring stores like Wood Floor Warehouse, you should have no trouble finding something that looks great and feels even better.

Carry this over to some of the other surfaces around your home. Don’t just focus on finding sheets for your bed that look nice – focus on how they feel too. By choosing nicer fabrics, you could easily create a bed that you never want to leave. The same can be applied to your sofa and other chairs. If they are currently not the most comfortable, add pillows and blankets. It might be easier than you think to create a comfy and cosy space to relax!


This might be a little harder to do, but it is very important. We can quite easily go nose-blind, so we don’t always recognise when there is a nasty smell hanging around our home. If you take pre-emptive steps to eradicate odours, however, you can rest easy knowing that your home always smells nice.

The first thing you should do is keep on top of things that could potentially smell. Take the bins out regularly, keep any things for pets neat and tidy, stay on top of the dishes, and have a laundry hamper for dirty clothes.

Then, focus on how you can bring fresh smells in. Sometimes, all you need to do is open the window every now and then! You can also use fresh flowers, or dried herbs to help bring a nice natural scent to your home. Of course, scented candles also work a treat if you want to add something a little different – just make sure you look after them and don’t leave them burning unattended!

Changing the feel of your home can require some careful thought, but it is also much easier to do than you might first think. Focus on making your senses happy when trying to upgrade the feeling of your home. Before you know it, you could have a space that you are always happy to spend time in.

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