SHOPPING Reviews (2023) Is Brixwild Legit Store Or A Scam?


In the world of online shopping, where convenience meets caution, emerges as a questionable player, prompting the crucial question: Is a scam or a legitimate platform? Boasting unbelievably low prices on a range of products, this e-commerce site raises red flags, suggesting potential pitfalls for unsuspecting shoppers. Today, we will provide potential red flags, customer Brixwild reviews, and experiences that uncover the truth about Brixwild and why this ecommerce platform is a scam.


Brixwild is a unique online shopping destination dedicated to men’s fashion, advocating a philosophy of self-expression through style. Offering an array of high-performance and affordable products, including clothing, shoes, and bags. But, this online store is known to be fraudulent store that sends counterfeit or inferior products or nothing at all. Let’s find out why we think that this store is complete scam.

Potential Red Flags Raising Concerns About Brixwild

Caution is warranted when considering for your online shopping needs, as several red flags suggest it may be a potential scam.

Brand-New Site is a recently established website, often a characteristic of short-lived scams that appear suddenly and disappear quickly, making it a potential risk for shoppers.

Shady Ownership

Owned by FADEL-BEATTY LIMITED, a company with a track record of online scams,’s association raises doubts about its legitimacy and trustworthiness.

Too-Good Deals

The site tempts buyers with discounts exceeding 70-80%, a common ploy used by scammers to attract customers with offers that are too good to be true, potentially leading to subpar purchases.

Content Copycat borrows content and product images from established platforms like Alibaba and Amazon, suggesting a lack of originality and credibility, which may compromise the quality of the products.

Missing On Social Media

Unlike legitimate online stores, lacks a presence on social media, a standard channel for engagement and transparency, raising concerns about its authenticity and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Troubled Customer Experiences

While avoids showcasing customer Brixwild reviews on its site, external reports reveal issues such as delayed deliveries, poor customer service, and problems with products, indicating potential risks and urging caution for potential shoppers.

Is Brixwild Scam Or Legit Store?

Based on the identified red flags, it’s advisable to steer clear of The website lacks evidence of reliability, with reports indicating non-delivery or receipt of inferior products. Customer struggles to secure refunds due to unresponsive contact details further underscore potential risks. In the interest of safety and satisfaction, it’s recommended to avoid shopping on or similar platforms showing similar warning signs.

What To Do If You Have Been Scammed By

If you have already shopped from Brixwild, follow the following steps to protect yourself from Brixwild scam:

1. Contact Your Bank

Reach out to your bank to cancel the transaction and prevent any further charges.

2. File Dispute Claim

If the transaction is completed, file a dispute claim with your bank to seek resolution.

3. Password Update

Change your passwords promptly, especially if they were used on other platforms, to bolster security.

4. Activate Two-Factor Authentication

Enable two-factor authentication for an extra layer of protection against unauthorized access.

5. Be Wary Of Emails

Exercise caution with emails from and refrain from clicking on any suspicious links to avoid potential phishing threats.

6. Install Content Blocker

Consider installing a content blocker to enhance online security by preventing malicious content.

Final Verdict: Brixwild Reviews

In conclusion, the numerous red flags associated with, including its recent creation, questionable ownership, unrealistic discounts, copied content, lack of social media presence, and reported customer complaints, collectively raise serious concerns about the legitimacy of the website. Shoppers are strongly advised to exercise caution and refrain from making purchases on Exploring alternative, reputable online retailers is advisable to ensure a secure and satisfying shopping experience, safeguarding against potential financial loss and compromising personal information.


  1. Is a legitimate online store?

The legitimacy of is questionable due to red flags such as its recent creation, association with a company known for scams, and reported customer issues.

  1. How can I secure a refund if I’ve shopped on

Contact your bank immediately to attempt transaction cancellation or file a dispute claim if the transaction is completed. Report as fraudulent and block potential future charges.

  1. Should I change my passwords if I’ve used them on

Yes, change passwords associated with, especially if they are shared with other online accounts, to enhance your overall security.

  1. How can I protect against phishing attempts related to

Stay vigilant for emails from, and avoid clicking on any suspicious links or downloading attachments. Deleting such emails is crucial to prevent falling victim to potential phishing threats.

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