Boat Maintenance That You Should Never Ignore

Boat Maintenance Tips

Do you love getting out on the water and feeling the wind in your face? Whether you love to go fishing or just want to soak up the sun and feel the rocking of the boat on the waves, you need to take care of your boat. Just like any other thing with mechanical parts, regular maintenance is going to be a lifesaver. Here are some basic ways to maintain your boat, so you don’t find yourself stranded out on the water, waiting hours for a towboat to rescue you.

Check The Engine

Regular engine maintenance could make all the difference in the life of your engine. It’s essential to regularly check the oil. If you find that the oil is low or completely gone, then you likely have a leak somewhere that needs to be immediately addressed.

For every 75-100 hours of running time, you want to do a full oil change. When purchasing oil, make sure you check the manual for what kind your engine needs. When you have the engines cowling off to change the oil, you should also check for any leaks in the engine. Inspect all the hoses for any potential issue and check the clamps for any signs of corrosion. If you find anything that needs to be repaired or replaced, marine plumbing parts supplies stores will have everything you need.

Clean The Boat

Whether it’s the deck of the boat or the outside, you need to make sure and keep it clean at all times. Seawater can be very corrosive to the boat’s surfaces and can eat away at the finishes, causing abrasions and scratches. Additionally, leaving water to sit on surfaces can cause mold and mildew to build up, causing a potential slipping hazard and destroying the surfaces that they are on. If you choose to clean the boat at sea, make sure that you are using a cleaner that is safe and won’t pollute the water.

Test The Electrical Components

If you don’t maintain your battery, you could find that a good day quickly turns sour. Your battery is required to start your engine and run different components on the boat that help you navigate and steer it. To avoid getting stuck out on the water, check the battery’s charge at least 4 times a year. Additionally, if you ever find problems with an electrical unit on the boat, immediately turn around and head back to repair them if possible. Don’t simply ignore them and hope the problem goes away. It could be a sign that bigger problems are on the horizon.

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