Best Places In The Home For Felt Tiles

Best Places In The Home For Felt Tiles

Felt tiles are incredibly versatile, not to mention easy to install and use within the home. Their astonishing color and design varieties allow you to customize them to fit your personality and needs. They also have other often overlooked properties that can prove useful within the home such as serving as noise dampening panels or a pin board to hang up your photos. 

There is a place for them in virtually any room within the house, depending on how you wish to use them. They provide the ultimate freedom for interior design, allowing creative individuals to establish different atmospheres for each living space. 

However, there are some rooms where felt tiles can be of particular benefit, making them some of the best choices for use. 

The Home Office

The COVID-19 pandemic caused a surge in remote working, as for an extended period, it was the only way. Even after businesses reopened, the paradigm had changed, with many companies appreciating the value of retaining at-home workers. 

For the remote worker, however, there were new challenges with motivation. Without direct supervision and many distractions, it can be difficult for workers to stay on task. For many, it became a struggle to meet work quotas, and they were frequently distracted. 

One recommended remedy for this problem involves establishing a home office that promotes an atmosphere of business and efficiency. With a different layout and vibe, it no longer felt like walking into a bedroom but transporting into a work environment free of distractions and designed for accomplishment. 

Felt tiles are invaluable for encouraging this work mood, as they allow you to completely redecorate the walls, floor, and even ceiling to set this space apart from the rest of the home. Clean and organized designs make you look more professional as backdrops to video chats or online conferences. 

Plus, as felt tiles have noise-reduction properties, you can provide enough sound dampening to focus on your work, especially if there are roommates, children, or other family members present in the house while you are working. However, it provides enough noise penetration to still communicate, if necessary, without leaving the room. 

These tiles also make a great felt bulletin board for important memos, calendars, and other helpful office organizational needs. 

The Kids’ Rooms

Children are one of the greatest gifts, but let’s face it – they can be incredibly loud. Younger children enjoy active play, resulting in bangs and thuds against walls or the floor. Older kids enjoy music, video games, and television, which can often permeate the walls and infect other rooms. 

This environment is another opportunity to use the sound-dampening properties of felt tiles, as it will reduce those sounds while still allowing you to hear if somebody gets hurt or to communicate with the kids inside. Plus, felt tiles on the floor or walls can help reduce the chances of injury for particularly rambunctious children. 

Felt tiles with bright colors can also be perfect for interior design, making each children’s room (or side of a room) unique, with appropriate patterns for a given age. They are easy to change, so you can even get children involved in the design process, bringing out their personalities and artistic talents. 

The Home Studio

When performing audio work or playing music, it is vital to limit outside noise while ensuring that the noise within does does not annoy others who may be in the house or neighbors. This situation is another golden opportunity to take advantage of the felt tile sound-dampening properties. 

Furthermore, you can use felt tiles attached to wire hangings to create partitions within the room, creating a space for the studio that is separate from other areas in the room, which might serve as the office space or sound mixing room.  

The Living Room

The living room is often the hub of family bonding, which can be loud with an entertainment system, surround sound, or even karaoke. Felt tiles can help control that sound, especially if you have others reading or studying in a nearby room or kitchen area. 

Plus, as the house’s centerpiece, the living room is a great place to use your felt tile interior decorating skills, giving it a custom, homey feel that encourages relaxation after a hard day’s work or school. The right atmosphere is beneficial for mental health and promotes an environment of camaraderie, making your living area perfect for socializing with friends and family. 

In addition, the living room often includes the front door, so putting up a felt board near the door with wire pegs or even small baskets is perfect for placing keys, hats, and other objects that are necessary when leaving the house but can easily be lost. 


You may not have expected hallways to be on this list, but consider how difficult it is to decorate such a narrow space appropriately. Furniture is likely too big to fit in there and would limit movement space, so there are few options. 

Placing felt tile designs on the walls (or even the floor and ceiling) can turn boring hallways into joyful passageways. Using geometric designs can create fun optical illusions as you pass, and bright colors can help lighten a mood generally darkened by dark and plain hallways. 

The Bottom Line

Using felt tiles within the home can enliven the space, control sound, and create valuable tools such as bulletin boards to help organize your life. While these rooms are excellent choices for these versatile tiles, virtually any room can benefit from their usage, even the bathroom or garage! 

The best reason to use felt tiles in your home is that they give you a chance to express your personality and create rooms that convey specific atmospheres conducive to the activities that take place within. From the home office to the living room and hallways, these tiles allow you to make a statement while customizing each location to provide the best experience for those who visit these spaces.  

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