Becoming A Kitchen Designer

Becoming A Kitchen Designer

The planning and presentation of concepts and layouts for kitchens is the job of the kitchen designer. They are a class of interior designers who work closely with architects and contractors in order to deliver kitchens that are both functional and comfortable. These designs are delivered to a timeline agreed with the homeowner and will conform to the relevant building codes – and the specific requirements of the client.

What does a kitchen designer do? It is the job of the kitchen designer to select appropriate color schemes, kitchen surfaces, lighting options, flooring, and, in some cases the choice of appropriate appliances. The services of the kitchen designer can be employed by either residential property owners or by commercial concerns such as cafeterias and restaurants. Kitchen designers are also focused on optimizing workflow and making the best use of the available space. They can be independent or part of a larger team or company.

In order to become a professional kitchen designer, a bachelor’s degree in interior design is a prerequisite, there is also specialized certification that will make becoming a successful kitchen designer easier. Knowledge of current kitchen design trends is also required in order to provide clients with the best advice – and meet their expectations. The average salary for a kitchen designer is between $24.01 and $26.9 per hour which equates to an annual salary of between $49,932 and $55,942 per year.

The job of a kitchen designer is more complex than it might appear at first glance. However, the challenges are embraced by many people in search of a rewarding career. The number of people choosing a career as a kitchen designer is growing at a rate of 4% per year and by 2028 it is anticipated to create approximately 3,300 jobs in the U.S.

The Role Of The Kitchen Designer

There are a number of skills that the kitchen designer should possess in order to meet the job requirements. A look at a variety of resumes is revealing. The common skills are focused on interpersonal skills, a detail-orientated mindset, and the ability to visualize an end result.

How To Make Kitchen Designer A Career

One of the first considerations for those who want to become kitchen designers is just how much education is required. 49.3% Percent of kitchen designers possess a bachelor’s degree. Further qualification can provide a competitive edge – 4.2% of kitchen designers have a master’s degree. Most indoor and outdoor kitchen designers have at least a college degree, however, it is possible for those with a high school diploma or GED to make a career as a kitchen designer.

The choice of major can be important. When researching how to become a kitchen designer focus on a bachelor’s degree or an associate degree. Other qualifications include a high school diploma or master’s degree. However, job experience also counts. Many successful kitchen designers have valuable experience as interior designers. However, still others come from a background in sales or bath and kitchen fitting design.

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