Automatic vs Manual: Which Car Is Better?

Automatic vs Manual Car

Choosing whether to buy a manual or automatic car can be a big decision. The debate around which one is better is a tale as old as time itself! Automatic makes driving easy, but some people prefer the control of a manual gearbox. Neither is necessarily better than the other, so it comes down to your personal choice.

Below are some pros and cons to help you decide which vehicle is right for you and your family.

Manual Car


  • They can be fun to drive! You have a much better feel of the engine when accelerating and decelerating and ultimately have more control over the car.
  • They can be easier to drive in difficult weather conditions, such as a slippery road, because you have the ability to change the gears to suit the conditions.
  • You can speed up faster because the manual box transfers the engine’s energy quicker and more effectively.
  • You can drive an automatic car at any point with a manual driving license.


  • A manual car is significantly more challenging to drive, especially in heavy traffic. For some people, the manual gearbox does not click with them and ends up causing more stress. They can also become uncomfortable if you have to use the clutch a lot, for example, in congested areas.
  • The cars often require more maintenance than automatic cars, so anticipate more garage visits.

Automatic Car 


  • Automatic cars are much easier to drive as there is no clutch control. The automatic gearbox does all the handwork for you, so you only have to focus on the steering and the road ahead.
  • You cannot stall, which is ideal if you’re driving in heavy traffic or have just passed your driving test.
  • There’s a misconception that because they’re often more expensive, they’re more costly to insure. But this isn’t the case; automatic cars are becoming more popular, and technology costs are decreasing. It’s easy to find affordable car insurance, and you can start by searching websites such as
  • They require less maintenance.


  • Unfortunately, despite their increasing popularity, automatic cars are still more expensive to buy. This is worth considering if you have a lower budget or are buying your first car. You can get finance options, but the monthly cost will be more than a manual car.
  • Some drivers choose manual because automatic gearboxes take the fun out of driving and can even be boring. It can also be a significant mind shift if you’ve always driven manually and now no longer have to change gears.
  • If you pass your license on an automatic, you cannot legally drive a manual car – you would have to undertake your test again to upgrade your license.

The choice comes down to what you want from your car. If you want something fun and fast to drive, sticking to the manual would suit your needs best. A manual is also worth considering if you have a budget to stick to. However, automatic is the best choice if you’re looking for a leisurely drive.

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