All You Need To Know About Commercial Marijuana Transportation

Commercial Marijuana Transportation

Marijuana is getting legalized in many states in the US as years go by, even being decriminalized. Cannabis is legalized for both recreational and medicinal purposes. There are laws to ensure that the drug is not abused and is controlled. The US government has a regulation on products with THC levels above 0.3%.

Either way, commercial marijuana is a booming industry in the US. Economies of states, such as California, Colorado, and Washington, are reaping great benefits from the business. When considering getting into the commercial marijuana business, you need to look at regulations for marijuana as they are different in every country that has legalized it.

There is so much one needs to know when entering the business of commercial marijuana transportation as it is coming into the world of the legal cannabis business. Below are some of the essential things to note.

Federal Laws

To get into the marijuana transportation business, you need to understand the difference between legalized and decriminalized cannabis. Legalized means that it is legal to possess as long as you follow the rules and regulations that guide its use. Decriminalization refers to it not being punishable by law but could still suffer civil penalties.

Most state law requires that the transportation of marijuana is within the confines of the state, but attempting to cross the border is punishable by law. This law curbs the illegal transportation of cannabis. Before starting the business, one has to be legally licensed by the state if you are planning to be in business. These are but the general laws common to most marijuana-friendly states. Therefore, checking in with your state government before considering starting the business is essential.


The first step of starting any business, not just marijuana, is to get a license. Cannabis-friendly states offer grants to individuals and companies seeking to be in the transportation of commercial marijuana. One major thing to establish is whether you want to transport to licensed cannabis companies or retailers.

To obtain a license, you must be above 21 years old and a state resident with no criminal background. Since state laws and regulations exist, individuals can only be granted a license if they have met all the rules and requirements.


When getting into the marijuana transportation business, you need to consider your safety or your personnel doing the transportation. This is a coveted shipment and therefore suffers the risk of criminal theft by third-party individuals or cartel organizations.

The legal professional transporters are advised to treat their cargo as if it’s money, with armored and bulletproof vehicles with extra security as it could be not only the cannabis but also money they are transporting.

It’s better to be safe than sorry in ensuring the product’s safety. Recent technological advancements in the industry have seen the invention of the cannabis vault to ensure the health and safety of the product according to regulations during transportation. The cases of possible loss or injury lead to what next is on the need-to-know list, insurance.


Insurance is a significant factor in the commercial transportation of marijuana. Following the possible loss of product or injury in a case where there has been an incident, you will need to have insurance cover for your transportation business. You might want to consider cargo in-transit insurance that covers hemp specifically, as some do not cover hemp in their insurances. Also, consider checking with state laws and regulations to ensure complete coverage in case of an accident or theft.

As the marijuana commercial business expands, there’s a demand for transportation. It is a lucrative business to get into, but you must be extensively familiar with the product’s rules and regulations. Getting a lawyer to help with the legal matters if understanding is a problem is essential to ensure you are well prepared and on the right side of the law during this venture.

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