A Comprehensive Guide To Building A Shed

Guide To Building A Shed

With summer right around the corner, yours and the rest of your family’s attention will have already started turning their attention to the state of the garden and backyard.

Winter weather can cause a host of issues and not a small amount of destruction to all manner of elements, from bushes, shrubs, trees, and flowers to benches and garden chairs, not to mention garages and sheds.

So, if you are looking to knock down your old shed and build a brand-new shed, then continue reading for a comprehensive guide on how to do just that.

The Concrete Base

Obviously, before you can build the actual shed itself, you first need to make a concrete base and leave it to dry at least overnight, but for safety, you should leave it to dry for at least three nights before you start walking on it.

The shed frame which you buy should be slightly larger than the concrete base, which allows the water from the rain to seamlessly drain away back into the ground and thus avoiding potentially destructive build-ups of drips and puddles on the shed floor.

The Shed Floor

Obviously, if you want a shed that you can actually use and will withstand the different weathers your backyard is often subjected to, you need a shed foundation above the concrete base you have previously constructed.

If you want to use the shed as primarily a base for tools and equipment, or else would like to use the space as a workshop, another layer of foundation for the bottom of the floor is an absolute must.

The Shed Walls

Generally, the sides of the shed frame which will form the walls of the structure are set out to be constructed in a very strict order, which goes as follows:

  1. The back wall of the shed
  2. The front wall of the shed
  3. The sidewalls of the shed

All pieces of the shed frame should be fixed from the floor upwards and should be connected smoothly without any gaps showing between the pieces of wood. Additionally, be sure to read the instructions of the particular shed plan you have bought thoroughly, just to be sure that there is not any extra step you need to take when building the walls.

The Shed Roof

The most important and often most complicated aspect of building a shed is the structure of the roof.

Shed rooves are the parts of the out-building that will have to be sturdy and strong enough to withstand exceedingly harsh weather conditions, so it is more important than ever to follow each step of the shed construction plan carefully and thoroughly.

The Shed Door & Windows

Finally, the last piece of the jigsaw that is your new garden shed is that of the finishing touches, namely the windows, the door, and any other guttering or paintwork.

Speaking of paint, it is strongly advisable to invest in some high-quality, waterproof, and weatherproof paint which will both add an aesthetic attractiveness to the shed as well as help to protect it from the elements.

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