6 Types Of Belts You Should Always Have In Rotation

Types Of Belts

Do you love fashion? Do you look for new pieces of wardrobe everywhere you go? A piece of your wardrobe that will never fail you is a belt. Belts used to be worn solely to hold up a pair of pants, but now they’re used to add style, cinch waists, and close coats. However you choose to wear your belts, here are some that you should never be without.

Skinny Knot Belt

A skinny knot belt is usually a thin piece of fabric or leather. The belt traditionally uses a knot as its closure, but it can sometimes have a buckle with a knot permanently tied into it. This type of belt is best worn at the waist but can also be worn at the hips.

Metal Belt

Metal belts are traditionally worn with formal dresses. They are often seen as an accent piece with a wedding dress. These are often hooked together with a chain but can also use ribbons that are tied together.

Another type of metal belt is a solid piece of metal, sometimes containing small prongs that allow you to manipulate the size somewhat. They also close with a chain and don’t have much wiggle room on size. Because of this, you want to ensure that you measure yourself correctly before purchasing one.

Concho Belt

A concho belt is a Native American style belt made of small shell-like pieces that are strung together. These are essential pieces of jewelry in belt form. Additionally, concho belts are extra special because they are usually handmade by Native American artists, who hand stamp the design on each piece. These belts are most often used over dresses to cinch in the waist.

Hip Belt

Hip belts can be made from any material, from metal to leather, and are designed to sit low on your hips. They are used with dresses or long shirts over pants and usually serve primarily as an accent piece and not so much for its functionality.

Yoke Belt

Yoke belts are large statement pieces. They are created to look like the yoke of a skirt and often have intricate designs or large pieces of stone or jewelry on them. They are traditionally worn at the waist and extend almost to the hips.

Cinch Belt

A cinch belt is usually made with elastic or stretchy fabric that is tightly cinched at the waist. Because of the fabric’s stretchiness, it can fit larger sizes and is typically sold as one size fits all. This belt sometimes has a fancy buckle, and other times it laces up. A cinch belt pulls your waist in, giving you an hourglass shape.

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