6 Things Every Home Office Should Have

Things Every Home Office Should Have

If you’re ready to change up your home office space, there are some essentials you should absolutely include in the makeover. In between shopping for the best office furniture Indianapolis has to offer, here are some great furnishings and accessories your space deserves to have.

Ample Lighting

Lighting has a huge effect on work efficiency, so your office space should have plenty of it. Whether you choose to add string lights, plenty of tabletop lamps or LED strips underneath your desk, make sure you fill the space with as much light as you need.

A Mini Fridge

You don’t want to go hungry or thirsty while you’re working long hours, so try adding a mini fridge to your setup! If you can, find a model that’s small enough to slide right under your desk.

Proper Seating

If you spend long periods of time at your desk, you should have a comfortable computer chair that offers plenty of lumbar support and lower body cushioning. You may also want to spring for a model that has adjustable armrests.

Great Colors

A makeover is a great time to give your office a fresh coat of paint! Choose a color or colors that you love and try building a color scheme that coordinates throughout the room to pull things together. Of course, you can always go for sporadic, mismatched colors if you prefer.

Fun Accessories

Don’t forget to fill your office space with lots of accessories that speak to you on a personal level. Knick knacks, plush toys, statues, pictures, artwork, posters, your favorite books, blankets, pillows, plants and anything else you enjoy all have a place in your home office. Your desk is the perfect canvas for self expression, so get creative!


If your job doesn’t require you to work in a quiet environment, why not spring for a high quality sound system? Even something as simple as a soundbar is a great way to add music to your workday. Soundbars are an especially good choice because they’re easy to mount and you can conceal them right in plain sight. Not into music? You can still use a sound system to add ambience to your space with the sounds of the ocean, rain or a crackling fire.

You deserve an office space that’s as enjoyable to be in as it is efficient. If you’re looking for great ways to spice things up, try some of these additions today!

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