6 DIY Home Decor Ideas For A Maharashtrian Household

DIY Home Decor Ideas For A Maharashtrian Household

Home sweet home they say. It is very true because home is everything for us. Home is the temple of every human being and a primary source of socialization. That home we always try to keep shining. We do a lot of things in order to maintain that shine, we paint and repaint, decorate with furniture, lights, flowers, gardens and the main thing is love of the people or family. In India, there is a tradition of families living together, be it nuclear or joint family. Children leave their homes once they are married or sometimes that too doesn’t happen. With every generation, the decor of the home also changes. 

It may be a hybrid also as people nowadays are going more towards fashion and interior designing specialists. The state in western India has a long and illustrious history that is marked by selflessness, bravery, patriotism, and fearlessness. This is Maharashtra, the wonderful state where Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj was born. 

Maharashtra’s people are proud to be Marathas and to be a part of a state with such a storied past. Marathi households also have special effects on a few things in their household. With every new marriage, the couple has their own style of decorating their homes. Couples tied in Marathi Matrimony, use their traditional craft and folk art to capture and conceptualize Maharashtra’s spirit. Maharashtrian-inspired home décor can swiftly show this culture’s pride in one’s home. 

Though DIY is an artistic thing created by the masses where they make designs and ideas of their own. DIY means do it yourself. Works evolved out of these kinds of things are unique and beautiful. This just needs a few references.  In this article, we will see a few DIY home decor ideas for a Maharashtrian household. 

DIY Home Decor

1. Warli Painting On Your Wall

Warli Painting On Your Wall

Traditional tribal art from Maharashtra is known as Warli. On this accent wall, the magnificent warli art of Maharashtra has been displayed. It’s the room’s signature statement, especially with the understated interiors. This folk art piece is also available in a variety of colors on paintings, bedspreads, and pillow coverings. Get your paints out and start painting the walls if you have an artistic soul.

2. Banjara Wall Hangings

Beautiful fabric embellishments are created by the nomadic banjara communities, who may be traced back to Rajasthan. The Banjara women, known as Lamani in their community, create symmetrical needlework by raising the fabric’s wrap thread with a small needle and creating triangles, diamonds, and lozenges parallel to the weft thread, creating the illusion of an extra weft weave. These Banjara wall hangings can be created at home too. You just need a fresh new cloth, a few shells and threads of different colors. You can also use cotton wool to make them more attractive.

3. Ganjifa Card Design Inspired Coaster

They’re circular playing cards constructed of paper that’s been coated with a tamarind seed powder and oil mixture, then painted and lacquered. Bazaar cards have no borders, whereas Darbari cards feature ornamental borders. At the Indian courts, it used to be a favorite sport. The classic Mughal ganjifa, with its 96 cards and eight suits, found its way into the social fabric of India and the Deccan, where it eventually achieved universal appeal thanks to its themes and figures from Hindu mythology. The Dashavatar, which depicted Vishnu’s 10 manifestations, was the most popular.

You can use your artistic mind to use those cards and use some other design rather than God. You can use God’s picture to keep them in your home temple. 

4. Bappa Ji

Bappa Ji

Idol of Ganesh Ji is an important part of every Marathi family for all auspicious days, including Ganesh Chathurthi, which is celebrated with great pomp and fervour. For that in every household you will find one or two Ganesh ji idols. They also hang up Lord Ganesha’s portrait hanging on the wall. But, you can make those idols at your home only. You just need clay soil and water. Nowadays, people are turning to eco-friendly things, so why not our Gannu ji? 

This Ganesh Chaturthi, make your idols out of clay and celebrate. This is not just for Ganesh Chathurthi but also other festivals or important occasions such as for Ganpati and Gaurihar puja on a couple’s wedding day. Talking about weddings, did you know that Marathi Matrimony is an online number one matrimonial site used by crores of people in India. This portal was made for matchmaking of bride and groom of the Marathi community in particular. They also have an app called Marathi Matrimony app which you can install from the play store. You have to login and register your account which is free. 

5. Utilizing Dhurrie Weaving Into A Carpet For Center Table

Satrangi, sataranji, and striped flat weave dhurries are woven on frame looms in Maharashtra, one of the country’s top cotton-producing states. Plain flat weave shataranji, jainamaaz, prayer mats with single or many prayer niches, and chindi or rag dhurries are the three varieties of dhurries that the Maniyar community weaves. They come in a myriad of shapes and sizes.

This Satranji can be turned into a carpet. If you know how to sew, you can fold the satranji into two, stitch them and add some pom poms to the end of it. 

6. Take Idea From Bidri Art

If you love portraits out of pressed flowers and leaves you must take some ideas from the famous Bidri art of Maharashtra. 

Bidri is a specialized and sophisticated technique for inlaying gold and silver on steel or copper that is only found in India and is based on Persian skills. Casting, engraving, inlay, and finishing are the four distinct techniques involved. This kind of ornamentation, which includes exquisite combinations of delicate lattice work intermingled with floral clusters, leaves, and flowers, is frequently used on round containers such as bowls, as well as caskets, jewelry boxes, and other small boxes.

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