6 Basic Tools You Need In Your Home Repair Kit

Home Repair Kit

Home repair emergencies are inevitable. And while you can always call the pros to help you out, it’s important to have a quick first aid response to repair problems in your home to prevent them from escalating.

Be ready for home emergencies: assemble a toolkit. Here are the basic home repair tools every homeowner should have:

Tape Measure

For measuring space, you need a tape measure that won’t easily break. This tool is widely available in your local hardware stores and usually comes at cheap prices.


A set of screwdrivers in your toolset can really come in handy. They are useful for loosening or tightening screws in appliances and furniture. There are different types of screwdrivers, but you can just pick the ones that are being highly used for repairs.

Utility Knife

A utility knife is an essential home repair tool. You will need it for precision cutting and opening boxes and containers.


This tool is a must-have in every homeowner toolkit. It has a number of uses, including framing, nail pulling, furniture assembling, bending or shaping metal, and so on. Beware of cheap hammers, made of weak materials, as they can easily break and injure you while working.


Another one of the most important home repair tools is a set of pliers. You don’t need to have a large selection of pliers. It’s okay to stick with a long-nose plier, a tongue-and-groove plier, and a diagonal plier.


Wrenches are very helpful when it comes to plumbing upgrades in your home, such as replacing a leaky shower. A combination wrench, which has an open claw on one end and a closed loop on the other, is a great addition to your toolkit.

Call The Pros When Dealing With Electricity

When it comes to home repairs that involve your electrical system, make sure to leave it to the pros. Hire a professional electrical repair St Paul to fix problems in your home instead of performing a DIY job. That is the only way to ensure the good working order of your system and the safety of your family and home. Talk to the pros today!

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