5 Signs Your Irrigation System Needs Attention

Signs Your Irrigation System Needs Attention

The first sign of a problem with an irrigation system is often a higher-than-usual water bill. Homeowners should also be vigilant about observing wet spots and puddles, as they can signal an underground leak that needs attention.

Another great way to identify leaks is using a dye test on the water meter. This helps to find hidden leaks that are often overlooked.

Cracked Or Broken Sprinkler Heads

If you have cracked or broken sprinkler heads, this could mean that you’re experiencing a problem with your system that requires immediate attention. You should contact an irrigation repair company that can check pipes and pressures without damaging the garden or your sprinkler heads.

If your water bill suddenly increases for no apparent reason, your irrigation system will likely leak somewhere. A quick inspection by an irrigation system repair Austin team can save you gallons of water that would otherwise be wasted.

Wet spots, puddles, and pools of water on the lawn are another sign that you might need an irrigation system repair. This indicates that the underground lines have a crack or a break and must be repaired immediately.

Uneven Water Distribution

A well-functioning irrigation system delivers water to all areas evenly. If one part of your lawn or garden is green and lush while others are brown and wilting, this could be a sign that the system has a leak or other problem below ground.

According to experts in sprinkler system repair Austin, performing a simple test on your water meter can help you detect underground leaks. With the sprinklers turned off, watch for the small dial on the meter to move. If it does, the water is wasted by a leak or broken sprinkler head in the irrigation pipe.

Using food coloring or specialized leak detection dye can also help homeowners spot problems with their irrigation systems. This testing can be done by adding the dye to the main water supply or a sprinkler zone and checking the landscape for coloration or staining.

Unusual Water Bills

An irrigation system is a costly investment for property owners, so it’s crucial to understand how and when to recognize any problems causing water waste. Homeowners should monitor their irrigation systems regularly and note any unexplained increases in water usage to prevent expensive repairs and protect the health and beauty of their landscapes.

While it’s common for water bills to fluctuate monthly, a sudden increase can indicate an irrigation leak. Ensure to check for any house guests or anything out of the ordinary that may have caused a rise in water usage.

It was emphasized by a sprinkler company Austin, that a weak or uneven water pressure and sputtering sprinklers indicate that your irrigation system needs repair. Leaks, whether unseen or unfixed, can waste hundreds or even thousands of gallons of water and are another major cause of high water bills.

Dripping Or Damp Areas Around The Back End

It is a sign of trouble if you see dripping or damp areas around control valves or wet spots near pressure regulators. Control valves should not drip or leak when in operation. The problem could be anything from an unbalanced load to a sprinkler head clog. If these problems are not corrected, your landscaping and irrigation professional may recommend upgrading to a new system.

A water meter that continues to spin even when you have turned off the sprinklers is another classic indicator of a leak in your irrigation system. If you have ruled out all other causes, such as your home plumbing, this is an excellent time to ask for a landscape irrigation repair. A professional can use a dye test to find hidden water leaks.

Strange Noises

Irrigation systems that aren’t working correctly can affect the health of your front yard. Call a landscaping professional if you’ve noticed any of these signs.

An unusually high water bill is one of the most common indicators that your irrigation system needs attention. A leak in the system, pressure regulator break, or sprinkler head damage can cause this.

Hissing or bubbling sounds from your irrigation pipes also indicate something is wrong. These noises occur when air gets trapped in the pipes and isn’t vented properly. To prevent this, install an air valve where the pipe bends or changes direction. This will keep air from getting trapped in the pipes and eliminate those pesky hissing or bubbling sounds.

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