5 Reasons You Should Get Licensed For Concealed Carry

Get Licensed For Concealed Carry

Michigan has more than 750,000 residents who are licensed to carry concealed firearms. A concealed pistol license (CPL) enables you to carry a concealed license while running errands or otherwise away from home. You must not carry while inside a gun-free zone, which includes banks, schools, and the Post Office.

State law lists prohibited premises, and you must learn them to pass a CPL written test. Anyone age 18 and over can obtain a CPL, which is in effect for five years. You can renew your permit by passing a CPL class and paying the renewal fee. Here are five reasons why you should consider obtaining your Michigan CPL.

1. Because You Can

Michigan is a shall-issue state when it comes to getting licensed to carry a concealed firearm. You can obtain a CPL if you meet the state’s requirements for legally buying and carrying a concealed pistol. You automatically qualify after passing a criminal background check and completing an authorized Michigan CPL class taught by a qualified instructor. Passage requires successfully passing written exams and a range test of your shooting proficiency.

2. Reciprocity With Other States

Once you obtain your CPL permit, it enables you to carry in many other states. That is because Michigan has a reciprocity agreement to honor other state-issued permits to carry concealed firearms as long as those states honor Michigan’s CPL permit. If you are traveling out of state, your Michigan CPL permit will enable you to carry concealed in the 40 states with reciprocity agreements with the Great Lakes State.

3. Protection For Yourself & Others

A concealed firearm is an excellent deterrent against violent crime, and you can use lethal self-defense when you face an imminent threat of great bodily harm. You also can use your firearm to protect others against great bodily harm, which includes death. It is unlawful to use a firearm to protect property. If you see someone trying to steal your car or even the catalytic converter, you cannot pull your firearm to stop it.

4. Violent Crime Rates Are Rising

Violent crime rates are rising nationwide, especially in more urban locales. Obtaining a CPL and learning how to use your firearm can help thwart potentially violent criminal activity if someone targets you or those you are with. Many people cite rising crime rates as their primary reason for obtaining a CPL, and you should consider it, too.

5. You Are Proficient With Handguns

You already know you must pass a range test to obtain your CPL. The range test helps determine whether you can use your firearm to strike what you are aiming at and not shoot innocent bystanders. Many people enjoy target shooting. The more time you spend at the range, the better you can shoot.

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