5 Reasons Women Love A Crossbody Bag

Reasons Women Love A Crossbody Bag

Crossbody bags, they’re not too big and not too small. Just right for the days when you don’t need to carry everything, and the quick errands that just need your wallet, keys and phone. Crossbody bags are the best choice for day-to-night transitions and seem to be popping up everywhere, from runways to the shoulders of celebrities, all the way down to the girls at your local shopping centre. 

If you’ve been considering a cross-body bag for your wardrobe, here’s why the ladies love them. 

They’re Versatile

Women’s crossbody bags, whether they be the ones from luxury brands or retail giants, are always versatile. It’s easy to take a crossbody bag and just toss it over your shoulder and head out. There is no designer who doesn’t love a crossbody. Some can be clutches if you unclip the shoulder straps, and some come with adjustable shoulder straps so you can go from crossbody to shoulder bag. If you buy them in neutral tones, you have a bag that can go from day to night, from the office to the bar, or the bar to the morning shopping, with ease.

They’re Stylish

Cross body bags, from the chic ones at LV Australia to the more printed ones at Gucci, are all stylish options. Adding a crossbody bag to your outfit gives your daytime look a casual and relaxed vibe. It’s no wonder fashionable people all over the world love a well-made crossbody. All you have to do is align the style of your crossbody to your body shape and your personal style, and you’ll have a bag that suits your personal style and enhances it in a positive manner. If you like wearing colour, go for a colourful bag, if you want something structured, that’s available too. No matter what you like, it comes in a crossbody.

They’re Truly Classic

Black crossbody bags have stood the test of time and are now known to be timeless. When these bags exploded in popularity a few years ago, many people thought they were just a fad and would soon be out of style. 

Although crossbody bags have been around for a much longer time, a specific trend emerged years ago of minimalism, where runways reflected a more refined style and everyone followed suit, switching from oversized tote bags to cross-body bags. This minimal trend has lasted, even through the post-pandemic logomania, to leave us with a staple choice of bag for women today.

Celebrities Love Them

It’s really no surprise that crossbody bags went straight from the runway to the celebrities. If you pay attention, you’ll notice that almost all celebrities, regardless of background, have been photographed with a crossbody bag. This is no lie, you can see trending girls like Jenna Ortega wearing them, all the way to rappers like Post Malone. 

When a bag is not only worn by those who are close to high fashion, but also blurs the lines of gender, the bag is a keeper. 

They’re Useful

By definition, a crossbody bag is made to be carried on one side of the body with the strap looped over the other shoulder, thus sitting across your body. Having said that, you can wear it any way you want, even just over your shoulder. However, because the bag will always be close to you and you won’t have to use your hands, carrying it crossbody is the most efficient and practical way to carry it.

When you use a crossbody, you have your hands free to shop comfortably, and don’t have to worry about the straps sliding off, nor do you have to rummage through the bag. It’s just a useful and fashionable choice overall. 

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