5 Reasons Why You Need A Reciprocating Saw In Your DIY Toolbox

Reciprocating Saw

Many small jobs at home require a mechanic. But if you have a DIY (Do It Yourself) toolbox at home, you can easily solve small tasks or problems. One of the tools in this toolbox is Reciprocating Saw. Reciprocating Saw is a battery-powered sawing machine that saves you both time and effort. This is the ideal addition to a toolbox.

What are the reasons to add Reciprocating Saw to the toolbox? If you know about the use of Reciprocating Saw and its benefits, you can understand its importance. This will be discussed and 5 reasons will be shown and why you need Reciprocating Saw in your toolbox. You will feel lucky after reading this article and you will understand the importance of its presence in the toolbox. So let’s get started.

5 Reasons You Need A Reciprocating Saw

Many of you may have heard the name Reciprocating Saw for the first time. Many people have no idea about it and if you want to buy it you can visit Tools House. Here are 5 interesting tips about it:

1. It Cuts Through Stubborn Nails & Screws

Ordinary saws cannot cut hard metal except wood. The edge of the eye is damaged by the impact of the metal. But except Reciprocating Saw, it is also capable of cutting metal. It is capable of cutting if wood or other metal objects come in between cutting wood, or while cutting old wood. You can increase its capacity by changing its saw. In this way speed, strength and accuracy will come in the work.

2. You Can Cut One-Handed

General sawmills typically require two or one handworks. It requires a lot of manual labor. It does a lot of damage to your time and body. Reciprocating Saw is a battery-operated automatic device and it is easy to operate. You can work with it with one hand. At the same time, it reduces physical labor and saves a lot of time. When it is driven on wood it starts working and at the end of the work, it can be turned off.

3. Cuts 2 X 4S & Thicker Wood

Since Reciprocating Saw is a battery-powered machine, it can cut any wood. Its power can be increased by changing the saw and increasing the battery power. It is also possible to cut thick wooden logs. Can even cut 2 x 8 size wood. Many times it is not possible to cut with a normal saw in a tight place. But this work can be done easily by Reciprocating Saw. It is possible to carry out rescue operations in many risky places. Its presence at home will be of great benefit to you.

4. It’s The Perfect Demolition Tool

With reciprocating saws, you will be able to cut wood finely. Proper cutting of wood is very important in making furniture. It is not usually possible to cut wood perfectly with a simple saw. And if you are a new carpenter, it is a lot of hard work. It will cost you a lot of money and wood. However, it is much easier with reciprocating saws. When the machine is run on the pattern made on the wood, it completes the cutting perfectly. This produces less dirt and requires less wood.

5. Tree Limbs, Pallets, Plumbing, & More

It can cut nearby stalks and leaves in addition to cutting wood. A lot of risk and time is wasted while cutting with a saw. Many times, big accidents happen which can lead to mutilation or loss of life. However, it can be done very easily with reciprocating saws. You can cut tree stalks and garden leaves from a distance. You can give less power by changing the blade, it will be much easier to work. Cutting is required when fixing plumbing PVC pipes at home. You can cut it with reciprocating saws. The reciprocating saws are much more effective on the type of work you do.


Reciprocating saws are many effective tools that save your work speed and time. There is no comparison for the perfect work. DIY power tools must consider reciprocating saws. You can use it for cutting words, cutting pulses, cutting PVC pipes, etc. Use it on DIY power tools and benefit.

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