5 Popular Engagement Ring Styles For A Bride-To-Be

Popular Engagement Ring Styles

An engagement ring is the most desired jewellery piece that people love. Its roots go to the ancient Egyptian civilisation where people slipped silver or gold circular wires on the third finger of their chosen partner. The 21st century has witnessed significant changes in the styles of engagement rings favoured by people. Today you can find an array of engagement rings online created from a variety of metals present in a range of shapes. Are you looking for some popular engagement ring styles for this occasion? Keep reading to know about the best ones.

Diamond Solitaire 

A diamond solitaire is a ring style that never goes out of fashion. The diamond is the prime focus in this design, and it’s hard to resist appreciating its shimmering beauty. The style is quite a versatile one, and you can wear eternity and wedding bands and rings on different fingers. This style helps you to craft an original and unique look. In this ring style, the quality and cut of the diamond are of utmost importance. You can choose between the typical princess cut or the classic round cut. You can also consider other diamond shapes like pear, emerald, oval, or marquise.

Halo Rings

The halo is a striking ring style wherein multiple pave diamonds enclose the centre gemstone. It creates a magnified visual impression as the centre diamond gets framed most stunningly. Today, you can explore rings in numerous unconventional halo shapes like floral and sunburst. You can find halo engagement rings online, where it’s possible for you to choose the metal of the band and tailor the design of the ring according to your preferences. Thus, you receive a striking ring wholly personalised to you.

Bezel Design Rings

It is a modern and practical ring style that focuses on a centrally positioned diamond. The diamond gets wrapped meticulously to the rim with a platinum or gold edging. This elegant setting safeguards the diamond and keeps the onlooker’s gaze on the sparkling diamond in the middle. You can choose between a partial or complete bezel setting. Only one section of the gem’s side is covered in a partial setting. On the other hand, the jewel is covered from every side in a complete bezel setting and only exposes the stone’s top.

Vintage Rings

This style of ring is inspired by the vintage age ring trends. It has a vintage diamond at its core, not the brilliant-cut diamond you may find in modern ring styles. This style is perfect for all those who are lovers of old-world elegance. You’ll undoubtedly appreciate the intricate beauty of this ring style. In the market today, you can freely explore an array of stunning Art Deco and floral designs. It will be easy to find a suitable one for your partner.

Yellow Gold Rings

Yellow gold refers to a combination of gold metals. In most cases, gold is combined with 25 per cent silver or other metals. The aim is to get a buttery tone that resembles 24-carat gold. The yellow gold ring trend began due to the resurgence of retro and vintage-inspired ring styles. You can opt for such a ring if you are fond of jewellery in a similar shade. This ring style also seamlessly blends with various engagement outfits.

There are plenty of ring styles to explore for the engagement occasion. But the ones given above are timeless styles that enjoy widespread popularity. When exploring an engagement ring, keep your partner’s preferences in mind. You can also have the ring custom-made to your expectations.

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