4 Tips & Tricks For Marketing With Postcards

Tips And Tricks For Marketing With Postcards

Postcard marketing is an effective way to get and retain customers. But while this technique has proved to be useful, you cannot just wake up one day and decide that you want to use it without any planning. Take a look at these tips and tricks that can make postcard marketing more effective.

Choose Impressive Design

You need an attractive design that a customer will not resist looking at. For instance, the paper and print quality needs to be top-notch. A laminated postcard is likely to attract potential customers. In fact, if you are printing a lot of postcards, hire a professional printing company to do the job for you. When it comes to color, go with bold and ensure these are colors associated with your brand.

Make The Headline Clear & In Bold

You have very few seconds to capture the attention of the person reading the postcard. Because of this, ensure your headline is clear, outlining the message. An effective marketing strategy for postcards is ensuring that a customer does not start guessing what the card is about. Go with actionable headlines as they motivate a customer to do something. For instance, a heading like ‘save time and money by using our gardening services’ is likely to compel the reader to want to know more.

Leave Some White Space

Do not crowd your postcards with too many graphics. A bit of white space gives your postcard an edge and will still get the message delivered.

Include A Call To Action

Direct mail marketing is not very different from digital marketing strategies. At the end of the day, you want a customer to take action. This is where a call to action comes in. Make it short and catchy to entice a customer to do the action you are recommending.

Postcard marketing can be very effective when done right. If you do not have a marketing team, you can outsource the services of a marketing agency to help you out.

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