4 Fabulous Birthday Presents For Your Best Friend In The World

Birthday Presents For Your Best Friend

Your best friend’s birthday is the perfect time to show them just how much you love, appreciate and value them and their constant supportive presence in your life, and when looking for the perfect birthday present, it can be often be a frustrating process.

If you want to bestow your best friend much more than the usual box of chocolates, new scarf or box of toiletries, then continue reading to learn of the top four most fabulous birthday presents for your best friend in the world.

1. Personalised Alcohol

The first and most impressive idea for a fantastic birthday present for your best friend combines two of the most important elements of a strong and everlasting friendship: sentiment and alcohol.

Oxton Liqueur personalised alcohol produces some of the most delicious fruity and smooth liqueurs that are all handmade in Nottinghamshire and come in a beautifully shaped and crafted bottle. What is more, each individual bottle of handmade alcohol can be personalised with absolutely any name and/or message you can possibly imagine, which will make the perfect gift for your beloved best friend.

2. Presents Related To Their Pets

If your best friend has a pair of beautiful bunny rabbits, a prized pooch or another pet, one sure-fire way to their heart this year is to buy something that they can use or display that shows just how much they adore their pet.

From ‘The Best Bunny Mummy ‘in the world t-shirts, mugs and hats to ornaments and even personalised photograph cushions of them and their pet dog, there is a wide plethora of amazing pet-related birthday presents which will be sure to put a smile on the face of your best friend and their pet!

3. Matching Tattoos

If you and your best friend are the types of people who absolutely adore tattoos, then what better present for their birthday than a voucher to go to the local tattoo parlour to have a set of matching tattoos for both you and your bestie.

There are practically an infinite number of styles, designs, shapes and sizes of matching friendship tattoo designs you could choose from and here are just a few of the most popular:

  • Moon and sun
  • Two halves of an avocado
  • Matching semicolons
  • Two hearts on both of your wrists
  • A memorable quote or private joke between you
  • Linework hearts
  • Two halves of a mirror

4. A Red-Letter Day

Finally, if your best friend is someone who has a constant longing for adventure and excitement, then the best possible birthday present you could choose for them is a red-letter day.

You could choose virtually anything to bestow on your bestie, from a hot air balloon ride, helicopter flying lessons or a guided jump from a plane to a more hands-on jungle gym adventure outside, paintballing, archery lessons or even an outside escape room. Buying your best friend a red-letter day adventure will also mean you can both create some amazing and once-in-a-lifetime memories together.

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