4 Common Furnace Problems: How to Fix Them

Common Furnace Problems

Waking up cold in the middle of the night is the worst thing that can happen to someone. When your heating furnace is working badly, it can be due to many reasons. Some you can sort it on your own while for some serious situations, you may need to get professional support of repair & maintenance. Here I’ve listed a few common problems that you must have in your knowledge to avoid any unforeseeable furnace-related issue.

1. When Furnace Has Stopped Producing Heat

There are sudden situations when your furnace has stopped producing heat. The same can be on the back of minor or major reasons. First, you must check if the thermostat is on ‘heat.’ Then, try moving the dial-up or down or left or right to get an idea of the degrees. If you don’t observe any visible difference, then perhaps there was a fuse tripped or circuit breaker or anything like that.

To handle this problem, you must try to test your home breaker. Check on the panel and find the circuit that gets to control the furnace. Flip it back & forth to manually test the breaker. If it has been thrown to the ‘Off’ position, then reset the breaker and put it in the ‘On’ position. Nowadays, digital multimeters are also available in the markets that can help you test the circuit breaker.

2. When It’s Time To Change Clogged Filter

It would be appropriate here to mention that a furnace cannot produce enough heat when its filter is badly clogged. Clogged filters can make your furnace stop functioning. Hence, it is good on your end to ensure that the air filter of the furnace is in working condition and is properly cleaned.

When your furnace isn’t producing enough heat, you must check and change its clogged filters. It is quite quick and easy to replace your furnace’s filter. Turn off your furnace from the main switch while replacing a filter. Try to clean the debris/residue that has been built up on the air filter and caused it to clog.

3. Oiling The Furnace Blower

To make your furnace prepare for winter, you must ensure that all of its heating components are working fine. Check on the furnace blower as its main function is to draw heat and make your house warm.

In order to extend the life of a heating furnace, you must ensure that the blower is lubricated. If you are wondering how to oil a furnace blower motor, then it is best to hire professional heating services for furnace maintenance.

4. Heating Or Rapid Cycling Problems

If your heating furnace is turning off and on very speedily, then it may be on the back of a worn-out filter or dirty air filter. You can either call for professional help to deal with a heating or rapid cycling problem or you can also try to handle it by yourself.

You must first try replacing the air filter as it is quick, easy, and workable. However, if it doesn’t solve the problem, then there might be an issue with the blower motor and belts. Under such serious situations, it is always ideal to acquire a furnace repair service.

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