3 Reasons Why RDO Mounts Matter

Reasons Why RDO Mounts Matter

Whether you are new to riding bikes or an experienced rider, there is no doubt that a suitable bike mount can make all the difference in the world. Whether you are looking for something to protect your frame, make riding more straightforward, or save your gear, a good RDO mount will do the job.

Gypsy Cob

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Designed for fast riders, the RLT 9 is a carbon fiber endurance speed machine that can also handle rough terrain. A lightweight frame and a unique internal cable routing system make this bike an ideal choice for riders looking for an adventure rig. In addition, the bike packs well, are grippy on the ground and is suitable for bike packing, gravel riding, and flat-out race bikes.

Compared to Niner’s RLT drop-bar bike, the RLT 9 featured a taller stack height and extended reach, perfect for cyclocross and gravel riding. It’s also designed with a lower bottom bracket and longer chainstay, which make it ideal for stability on rockier roads.

Niner’s RDO mounts have two sets of four braze-ones and the most recent Niner carbon layup. It can also carry water bottles and is available on all RLT 2020 models.

The RLT 9’s hydraulic disc brakes feature 15mm thru-axles. This provides positive stopping power and easy wire installation.

Bikepacker’s Dream Build

Having the RDO mounts on your bikepacking dream build is a terrific way to ensure your gear is securely fastened. These clamps are CNC-machined from high-quality carbon and provide a quality that’s impossible to find with other bike-packing clamps—having a broken clamp while on a backpacking trip can mean the difference between a fun day and panic.

These RDO mounts are great for mountain bikepackers and over-packers and are available in 26 different sizes. The RDO Carbon Fork is built to improve compliance over rough surfaces and offers internal cable routing, dynamo routing, and bottle mount. In addition, this fork is designed to maximize the carbon-to-resin ratio, which makes it a solid choice for heavy use.

The RLT 9 RDO is an excellent choice for adventure bikepackers and overpacks looking for a simple, clean design that’s also designed to protect your gear. It’s made with Niner’s new RDO carbon fiber fork, designed to maximize the carbon-to-resin ratio, and from the company’s Race Day Optimized carbon fiber.

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