1100 Years Of Dehydrated & Powdered Libations; Drinks Steeped In History

Powdered Drinks

The term “Powdered Drink” can be applied to a range of qualities and contents in a given package. I propose blending facts and fun to promote mixing things up in your life.

  • Who would have guessed we would start this thirst for knowledge in China. Cai Xiang was a scholar, official, poet, and calligrapher. Literacy in the 10th century was not widespread. Recordings were not spent on frivolous concepts.
  • The development of powdered drinks was dusty until reconstitution with powdered milk in 1855. Dehydrating this essential body-building fluid meant reducing the weight and preservation for a long shelf life. The light powder could be packaged and shipped where fresh milk could not reach without spoiling.
  • Another big surprise was the United Kingdom throwing its Crown into the ring with instant tea paste in 1885. Similar to modern 3-in-1 powdered drinks, the paste contained sugar, evaporated milk, and the tea extract to be combined with hot water. I fell in love with tea when I lived in the UK.
  • An icon of the industry was invented in the 1920s with Kool-Aid. Initially, six flavours were created and filled the market. There are many varieties now. Also, in the 20s an instant juice powdered drinks called PolyPop was invented.
  • Jell-o brand followed in the 1950s. It was an adaptation of a Kool-Aid-type powder and gelatine, which would allow the mixture to congeal with clarity when cooled. It is still a favourite summer sweet. The 50s were closed out with the opening of space travel and Tang. Another household name, well marketed for health benefits and widely distributed due to the fame of the space program.
  • Ovaltine in 1909 (UK) and Milo (SEA) in the 60s are recognized chocolate powdered protein supplement drinks. In a move to strengthen youth with a milk fortifier, these products were launched. Modern powdered drinks had a paradigm shift with the emergence of Gatorade in 1965. Royal-D in Thailand has similar electrolyte advantages to being run down by illness or exhaustion.
  • Few people haven’t heard of the Hershey brand. Their chocolate and chocolate drinks have been globally distributed since the 1890s. The Reese’s Peanutbutter Cup was another mind-blowing combination for the brand.
  • Nestle rolled out Nesquick and Nestea brands to increase market share in the developing industry. By the 90s any non-carbonated beverage seemed to have a powder form.
  • The supplement industry has been slowly gaining interest since the 1950s when bodybuilders promoted it vigorously. The use of whey in medicine dates back to 500 BC. Metabolic research led to product innovation, and companies like Met-Rx and EAS gained popularity with famous sports figures.
  • By the early 2010s a company called CytoSport was distributing over 50 million pounds of MuscleMilk powder globally. Bloom Whey and Naked Nutrition are not as well known in Asia as Meiji. I enjoy their protein drinks.

Recently; skin and digestive care drinks have gained popularity in the market. Total health and dietary supplements such as AG1 and other super green drink options have scientifically balanced formulas to keep your health put together.

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